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VMware Drives Cloud Computing for U.S. Federal Agencies

VMware Drives Cloud Computing for U.S. Federal Agencies

VMware has experienced growing momentum for desktop virtualization in U.S. Federal agencies with VMware View, which enables IT to centralize software management, reduce hardware support and speed application deployment.

The global specialist in virtualization and cloud infrastructure notes that its desktop virtualization solution enables people working in federal agencies to securely access their desktops and applications at any time from a variety of devices including thin clients and tablet computers.

VMware View empowers federal IT to manage desktops as a cloud-based service. Thanks to the solution, agencies can accomplish several tasks such as quick provisioning, deploying, securing and protecting sensitive data.

Improved security means U.S. Federal Agencies can easily eliminate the risk of data breaches due to laptop theft or data loss.

Our goal in working with the VAAA was to optimize IT training dollars to do more with less,” said Skip Trahern, president, FedStore Corporation. “ In working with VMware, along with other key partners, we were able to provide an integrated server and desktop virtualization solution that fulfilled the VAAA’s needs for a complete training experience, all within the time and budget scope allocated for the project.

VMware View enables IT to centralize software management, reduce hardware support and speed application deployment, so that wherever a government employee logs in to the system around the world, he or she gains fast, secure access to a common set of critical resources,” said Devin Henderson, Project Systems Architect supporting a U.S. Federal Defense Agency. “Our users can be in one place, then fly to a disaster location and log in to the same environment seamlessly, which is important to data maintenance and integrity.”

By Anuradha Shukla

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