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VMware Offers Micro Cloud Foundry as a Free Download

VMware Offers Micro Cloud Foundry as a Free Download

VMware has announced the beta availability of Micro Cloud Foundry as a free download at

Micro Cloud Foundry is a complete version of the industry’s first open Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution, Cloud Foundry. Cloud Foundry delivers access to modern, high productivity frameworks and a rich ecosystem of application services from VMware, third parties and the open source community. Micro Cloud Foundry runs on a developer’s Mac or PC and lets them build end-to-end cloud applications locally, without the hassles of configuring middleware. Developers can therefore greatly accelerate their application development process, says VMware.

Applications created on Micro Cloud Foundry can be deployed directly to or other instances of Cloud Foundry. This solution also helps developers to scale their applications without changing a line of code.

VMware recognizes there is a new generation of developers looking for a simpler approach to building and testing their applications,” said Charlotte Dunlap, senior analyst with Current Analysis. “With this technology, VMware supports the growing need for developers to work on their laptops with an open, lightweight platform that minimizes configuration requirements and speeds application development.”

Today VMware is taking another significant step forward in delivering a modern cloud application platform ideal for the hybrid cloud environment, by delivering industry’s only PaaS solution that can be run on an individual developer’s laptop,” said Jerry Chen, vice president of cloud and application services, VMware. “Micro Cloud Foundry gives developers a full cloud development environment that combines all the flexibility of local development with the ability to deploy and scale their applications anywhere in the future. Micro CloudFoundry gives developers the ability to build cutting edge cloud applications while exploring the latest developer frameworks and application services without configuration hassles.

VMware intends to provide regular Micro Cloud Foundry updates to include additional frameworks and services, looking forward.

By Anuradha Shukla

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