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Citrix Improves Performance for Cloud Infrastructure

Citrix Improves Performance for Cloud Infrastructure

Citrix Systems is improving scalability and performance for cloud infrastructure, desktop virtualization and networking through the release of XenServer 6.

The most recent edition of Citrix server virtualization product line- XenServer 6- is a key component of the company’s cloud computing and virtualization strategy.

XenServer delivers a highly-resilient, cloud-optimized and easily customized virtual platform that helps cloud providers produce differentiated solutions that meet the needs of their customers.

XenServer 6 offers a range of features such as optimizations for cloud and service delivery networking. The latest version boasts full integration of Open vSwitch, a core technology used to build next-generation cloud networks based on the innovative OpenFlow standard.

This version also includes HDX enhancements for improved TCO and optimized user experience for virtual desktops using highly graphical applications. The release also employs powerful automation features that enable customers to get the most out of their datacenter resources.

Featuring full support for Microsoft System Center 2012, XenServer 6 provides customers with the option of managing XenServer hosts and VMs directly from their System Center Management environment.

Citrix Systems has included in XenServer 6, Xen 4.1 hypervisor, which includes advancements for latency-sensitive workloads, improved support for very large systems, and many new security features.

With every release of XenServer, more customers are realizing that the vast majority of their workloads do not require the expense and complexity of VMware vSphere,” said Peder Ulander, vice president of product marketing, Cloud Platforms Group, Citrix.

According to industry analyst estimates, today’s average enterprise only has 40-50 percent of its servers virtualized, while ultimately they need 70-80 percent virtualized to meet the demands of the Cloud Era. When customers extrapolate the cost of getting to that point, they recognize the need to adopt simpler, highly-functional, cost effective virtualization solutions. XenServer 6 deserves a look from every VMware customer.”

By Anuradha Shukla

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