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Corent Attains IBM’s Cloud Specialty Designation

Corent Attains IBM’s Cloud Specialty Designation

Corent Technology has become the first cloud specialty technology provider partner to meet the rigorous certification criteria for the IBM Cloud Specialty designation.  A specialist in SaaS enablement software, Corent Technology, provides a proven and disruptive alternative to the expensive virtualization strategies often used for SaaS deployment.

Corent notes that Qualified Cloud Specialty Partners provide IBM Business Partners and enterprise clients with enabling technologies to help them use the cloud more effectively.

Corent Technology, one of our best IBM cloud partners, has a solution to quickly transform single-tenant software applications into multi-tenant SaaS solutions without rewriting the existing application. If you are dealing with the decision of how to get to a multi-tenant model be sure you talk to them,” according to Mike Riegel, vice president at IBM.

Corent offers a unique Multi-Tenant Server (MTS) that easily plugs into conventional single-tenant software applications to transform them into cloud-ready Multi-tenant SaaS solutions.

This MTS solution can enable the efficient sharing of an application and its database among many customers (tenants). MTS also ensures that customers only have access to their own data and processes. The multi-tenant application resulting from this effort promises to provide significant economies of scale and also enables the vendor to deliver their SaaS solution at a significantly lower cost.

Corent is committed to helping ISVs deliver highly scalable and cost-effective multi-tenant SaaS solutions on IBM infrastructure. We are excited to be the first IBM partner to qualify for this prestigious IBM Cloud Specialty designation,” said Feyzi Fatehi, the CEO of Corent.

The first multi-tenant SaaS application for Home Healthcare running on the IBM SmartCloud will be showcased at the Information On Demand 2011 Conference on October 23-27 in Las Vegas.

Running on Corent’s Multi-Tenant Server platform, this advanced SaaS solution will leverage IBM WebSphere Application Server and DB2 in the IBM SmartCloud.

By Anuradha Shukla

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