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Dell Provides Cloud-Based Services to Merge Healthcare

Dell Provides Cloud-Based Services to Merge Healthcare

Dell has been chosen as a preferred provider of cloud computing services, storage and enterprise hardware products for Merge Healthcare.

Merge Healthcare, a provider of enterprise imaging and interoperability solutions, will leverage solutions from Dell to simplify information access, management and archiving among its portfolio of image interoperability solutions.

Dell is pleased to work with Merge to enable our customers to support innovation in healthcare through more efficient use of IT,” said David Zirl, Ph.D., area vice president for Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences solutions. “Digital medical information is growing at an unprecedented rate. Advanced on-premise and cloud-based solutions can break down traditional information silos by allowing healthcare organizations to securely manage, store and share that data as needed to coordinate patient care.”

Dell already manages more than 4 billion medical images and studies for healthcare organizations and is using its expertise to host Merge Healthcare’s Project Honeycomb, one of the largest medical image sharing network in the nation.

Merge has certified its iConnect Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) on Dell’s DX Object Storage platform. This strategic move provides intelligent access, storage, protection and distribution for the fixed digital image content managed by Merge Healthcare’s iConnect VNA.

Thanks to a combination of the data and storage management features inherent in Dell’s systems and Merge’s iConnect offering, healthcare providers can now easily manage their critical medical images in a highly secure and efficient manner.
As per the agreement, Merge will also integrate its solutions within the DX platform to provide a highly-available, cost-effective VNA offering.

Merge’s iConnect VNA will utilize the data management features of the DX to offer advanced features such as federated storage, business continuance and nested image retention and deletion strategies.

The combination of Merge and Dell enables secure and scalable onsite and cloud-based solutions that strengthen the coordination of patient care among healthcare stakeholders,” said Jeff Surges, CEO of Merge Healthcare.

By Anuradha Shukla


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