IBM SmartCloud Services and Capabilities, Launched

IBM SmartCloud Services and Capabilities, Launched

IBM has introduced advanced cloud services and software to give unprecedented choice, security and portability to businesses.

Designed from the ground up for enterprise clients the new offerings are launched at a time when businesses are shifting critical activities to the cloud and use it as a platform for business.

Specifically, IBM is launching IBM SmartCloud Application Services, IBM SmartCloud Foundation and IBM SmartCloud Ecosystem.

IBM SmartCloud Application Services will give enterprises the cost and time savings of a cloud environment for a wide range of enterprise applications. This new platform-as-a-service will also allow enterprises to maintain a high level of control and security over deployment and access.

IBM SmartCloud Foundation allows enterprises to quickly deploy and control clouds within their own firewalls. IBM SmartCloud Ecosystem will help small and medium business clients adopt cloud models and manage millions of cloud based transactions.

Enterprise clients are much more conservative because their revenue, reputation and supply chain are closely related to the performance and security of their infrastructure,” said Erich Clementi, senior vice president, IBM. “Our focus with SmartCloud will bring the benefits of this model in a way that supports enterprise level service, leverages existing investments and opens new doors to productivity and innovation.”

IBM has also announced a new version of its public cloud for the enterprise, the IBM SmartCloud.  This release features new services including the first platform as a service (PaaS), which can address the needs of enterprise application development, deployment and management on the cloud.

IBM claims clients can leverage this new enterprise PaaS to achieve the benefits of cloud based economics for the deployment of both traditional and new applications. The company says it intends to support about 200 million users by the end of 2012 as clients shift core applications and processes to the IBM SmartCloud.

By Anuradha Shukla

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