Library Improves Login Process with the 3M Cloud-ID

Library Improves Login Process with the 3M Cloud-ID

Visitors to the library want to have a smooth login process and the 3M Cloud-ID has been designed to do so.

Launched by 3M Cloud Library, the 3M Cloud-ID leverages a patron’s existing library barcode and PIN to authenticate the patron and allows checkout of eBooks from the 3M Cloud Library.

This is completely different from services offered by existing eLending providers that use a separate third party ID/PIN for authentication of library patrons. These traditional process, notes 3M is the cause of about 43 percent failure rate experienced by patrons who are checking out an electronic title for the first time.

3M claims this problem is effectively addressed by 3M Cloud-ID that leverages the credentials a patron already has from the library and allows them to easily navigate the system.

On most occasions users can navigate the system with minimal to no assistance from library staff.

“3M continues to blaze the trail in improving the library patron’s experience,” said Tom Mercer, digital business development leader, 3M Library Systems. “By leaving secondary authentication behind, 3M Cloud-ID allows patrons to quickly and easily download lendable materials.”

The 3M Cloud Library boasts a growing catalog of material and has inked several publishing deals with established names such as ABC-CLIO, Baker Publishing Group and John Wiley & Sons.

This Library offers more than 100,000 titles and has also added four new beta sites in recent months. The Cloud Library eBook lending service includes 3M Discovery Terminals, which let patrons at the library browse the content catalog on electronic kiosks.

Moreover, the Library uses 3M eReaders tablets that can be checked out from the library like any other lendable materials.

3M’s system, which includes both digital content and in-library hardware will be showcased at the upcoming Library Journal and School Library Journal eBook Summit on Oct. 12.

3M is excited to participate in this summit to share more about these latest updates with the library community,” said Matt Tempelis, global business manager, 3M Library Systems. “With simple functionality, an ever-expanding catalog and a growing list of beta sites, the 3M Cloud Library has more than ever to offer both libraries and patrons.”

By Anuradha Shukla

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