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NEC to Cut Legal Risk with UBIC Cloud

NEC to Cut Legal Risk with UBIC Cloud

Japan based UBIC has introduced the UBIC Legal Cloud service that has the potential of reducing legal risk exposure for global corporate groups.

UBIC Legal Cloud service enables these corporate groups to use UBIC’s Lit i View eDiscovery software on a 24-hour basis every day of the year from anywhere in the world.

The first UBIC Legal Cloud Service is set to be deployed with NEC Corporation.

We want to aggressively pursue our intellectual property strategies further, at the same time we strive to lower any intellectual property-related risks the entire NEC group around the globe may face,” said Hiroshi Nakatogawa, general manager of Technologies and Intellectual Property Licensing Division of NEC Corporation.

By using Lit i View, the eDiscovery system developed by UBIC, we will be able to meet our goals using Lit i View in a cloud computing environment to promptly handle intellectual property disputes.”

UBIC provides a comprehensive lineup of high-technology products and services involving legal activities. The company notes that global operations have made companies more susceptible to legal risks in a company’s home country as well as in other countries.

eDiscovery and other forms of support are required for international litigation, investigations by U.S. and European commissions, and other activities. UBIC recognizes this need and has thus provided eDiscovery support services for a large number of cases.

But legal cases are typically associated with time and cost and the problem of rising costs associated with longer litigation and investigations, large volumes and the dispersion of data is addressed by UBIC Legal Cloud.

UBIC Legal Cloud can also meet the need for on-demand use of an eDiscovery support system. The service is offered in a number of price plans to meet the requirements of each client.

By Anuradha Shukla

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