Oracle Supports Cerner Cloud Services

Oracle Supports Cerner Cloud Services

Global health care company Cerner is using Oracle Enterprise Manager to launch new private and public cloud services to increase IT efficiency and optimize business value.

Cerner was experiencing a growing client base and aimed to leverage its operational knowledge within a cloud infrastructure to support its 9,000 facilities across the world.

In addition to eliminating error, the company wanted to eliminate waste for health care providers and to generate additional revenue. Cerner gradually built its existing managed service offerings with new cloud based services supported by Oracle Enterprise Manager, and thus reduced capital investments by $9.5 million.

This strategic move has also enabled Cerner to offer its clients a new suite of on-demand infrastructure and software including messaging, storage and virtual desktop capabilities.

Oracle Enterprise Manager also provides integrated application-to-disk management capabilities for public and private clouds. This has improved the ROI on Cerner’s existing IT infrastructure and enabled it to pursue new business opportunities without incurring incremental IT costs.

To help optimize processes for health care organizations around the world, we are always looking at new ways to expand and refine our services,” said Kent Scheuler, senior vice president of Managed Services with Cerner.

With Skybox DB Central utilizing Oracle Enterprise Manager, we have been able to eliminate the management and maintenance challenges that would traditionally be associated with introducing a new suite of on-demand infrastructure and software services. This has created a sizable new business opportunity for us, while also allowing our clients to benefit from reduced IT costs and increased performance.”

Oracle Enterprise Manager also supports the new Cerner Skybox public cloud solutions and also allows the company to monitor and manage the experience of its clients, their business transactions and application interactions from one management console.

By Anuradha Shukla

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