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Ubuntu Cloud: The Reseller Opportunity

Ubuntu Cloud: The Reseller Opportunity

As market conditions remain uncertain, your customers are looking for new, more cost-effective ways to do business. This is dramatically increasing demand for cloud computing solutions that promise big savings on in-house infrastructure and management.

By supporting your customers’ journeys into the cloud, you can generate new service revenues and take on the role of a trusted cloud adviser.

Specifically, you can:

• Support customer migrations from dedicated to cloud-based infrastructure
• Deliver consultancy for building and deploying public and private clouds
• Provide capacity planning, infrastructure management and monitoring services
• Roll out authentication and access technologies for cloud security

Why choose Ubuntu Cloud?

As a reseller, you’re in a position to choose from a large number of proprietary and open-source cloud solutions. However, Ubuntu’s end-to-end cloud offering offers a number of unique benefits for you and your customers.

These include:


Proprietary cloud platforms use their own APIs, image formats and storage formats, which makes them totally incompatible with other private and public clouds. That means your customers will be stuck where they are – even if there’s a good business case for moving on. This frustrating vendor lock-in can negatively impact relationships between customers and technology partners posing significant risks for resellers.

Ubuntu Cloud helps you build stronger, trust-based relationships with your customers by avoiding this frustrating vendor lock-in. Because our technology is compatible with APIs used by all the major cloud vendors, your customers will be able to move workloads between private clouds and public clouds including Amazon EC2, Rackspace, GoGrid and many more…

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