Dialogic Enables Cloud-Based Voice and Video Application Development

Dialogic is enabling enterprise and service provider customers to build innovative cloud-based HD voice and video solutions in both Linux and Windows.

The company has launched its Dialogic PowerMedia Host Media Processing Software Release 5.0 (PowerMedia HMP 5.0), the first solution in the PowerMedia HMP product family to incorporate a distributed architecture.
HMP 5.0 can scale up to 5,000 simultaneous SIP connections or 1,500 voice sessions and leverages Dialogic’s video technology to enhance video quality through improved bit-rate control.  The solution also supports virtualization and runs on general-purpose servers without the need for specialized hardware.  Developers can also leverage PowerMedia HMP 5.0 to bring many of the multimedia capabilities previously available in the Linux versions of PowerMedia HMP to their Windows-based applications.

Moreover, Dialogic Global Call API and Dialogic Remote R4 API support developers to transition existing applications to software-based IP-enabled solutions, or create completely new mobile interactivity and other multimedia applications.

The Dialogic PowerMedia software portfolio continues to perform very well as a leading media processing engine in the market. With this new addition to PowerMedia HMP, we are delivering an expanded set of multimedia processing and deployment options for our existing customer base and new solution providers,” said Franz-Josef Eberle, vice president and general manager of Dialogic’s Value Added Services and Cloud Enabling Group.

Over the years, Mediatel has delivered numerous contact center solutions in Europe built on Dialogic media and signaling technologies,” said Dan Mazilu, data general manager of Mediatel, a contact center solution provider, which worked with HMP 5.0 during the pre-release period. “As we expand into the Americas, PowerMedia HMP 5.0 will play an integral role in enhancing our solutions with HD voice and video capabilities. In addition, we will be able to increase the reliability and flexibility of our solutions by implementing a distributed architecture.”

By Anuradha Shukla

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