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According to MetricStream’s, ‘The State of Cyber Security in the Financial Services Industry’ report, around 66 percent of financial services institutions have faced at least one cyber-attack in the last 12 months. The cost of this can even result in a complete shutdown of the business."

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Adding Another Card To Your Cloud Adoption Deck

Adding Another Card To Your Cloud Adoption Deck

For the most part we’ve all heard how the adoption or embracing of the Cloud will help enterprise users to save costs. Those CIOs, CTOs and IT officers who support the Cloud or have been pushing their top brass to accept Cloud adoption have almost always played the cost-savings card in their quest to get support. Use the Cloud and have an elastic Software as a Service that can be reduced as and when users require them. While this has not changed it has become a rather worn out card due to all the times its been played, spun around into something similar from a different angle but still mentioning the same cost-savings, until even the top brass knows what you’re going to pitch next. This may not be the case any longer as a recent study by TNS on behalf of CSC may let you add another card to your Cloud adoption playing deck.

The “CSC Cloud Usage Index” survey conducted by TNS covered 3,645 companies around the world and turned up a surprising number of insights into Cloud adoption. Key amongst these insights was the fact at least 33 percent of the respondents surveyed said that they adopted Cloud services to support easier access for multiple devices in their separate companies. Only 17 percent of users said that they made the move to the Cloud due to cost-savings related reasons. Focusing on companies in the United States 46 percent of small businesses cited access to multiple devices as being their main push in adopting the Cloud while just 10 percent of the same market said that they did so due to cost-saving reasons.

While this points to a better adoption of multiple types of devices in the workplace (asides from the usual business notebook) it does mean that those in charge of pushing Cloud acceptance can now play the card of multiple device access support. At this point of time it would do many of these people much good to familiarize themselves with the multiple consumer-level devices currently invading the workplace. Doing so may be the difference required in getting your Blackberry using CFO to see eye-to-eye with the Android smartphone using VP and your iPhone using CEO.

That being said, not many people actually use their smartphones to do their computing, much less access the Cloud, despite the existence of VPN apps for most of these platforms. The major device catalyst currently staking out its place in the workplace would have to be the touchscreen tablets along with Google powered Chromebooks. Since all of these devices are designed to work well on the Internet it is only natural that they fit will with Cloud computing. However, I personally feel that while it is all good to have a single Cloud solution that everyone can access, having a finger-friendly app designed for each platform would make it all that much sweeter. While this may not be that important to add when making your pitch using the multiple device access card, it is something to consider for future use if it resonates well with your CFO who may suddenly be looking at his or her Blackberry with new anticipation.

It is also important to note that while the cost-savings card is still a valid and very much relevant factor in pushing for Cloud adoption, the “CSC Cloud Usage Index” survey also revealed that most companies saw a much lower percentage in savings compared to those earlier estimated after Cloud adoption. Companies in the survey still got savings with 82 percent of respondents saying that they saw cost-savings after Cloud adoption but only 32 percent of companies in the United States saw savings of less than $20,000. This is not irrelevant by far but it is a bit weak to use as your trump card when making your Cloud adoption pitch.

By Muzaffar Ismail

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