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Big Data and Promising Startups for 2012

Big Data and Promising Startups for 2012

A lot of people are saying Big Data is going to be even bigger in 2012. While it has always been an important factor in the Cloud revolution the main reasons this is so are that it is forecasted that enterprise Hadoop solutions are going to rise very quickly for 2012 while in-memory analytic platforms will grow exponentially. Both will make it easier for providers to deploy Big Data across multiple servers which is also why there are a number of promising startups looking to delve into Big Data for 2012. These include MapR, Acunu and Decide.

Since MapR.com sells and distributes Apache Hadoop-derived software it has a more direct hand in the rise or fall of Big Data for 2012. However, all indicators seem to be pointing up for MapR and Big Data as MapR reduces the complexity involved for Hadoop solutions (which makes it easier), has no single point of failure (which makes it more secure and reliable) and streamlines the overall process (which makes it faster). Those looking to roll out Hadoop solutions will be hard-pressed to choose a different Hadoop distributor as it provides many more benefits compared to the competition.


Another company with very close ties to Big Data are Acunu.com whose Acunu Data Platform makes running Apache Cassandra easier and less complex. Since it also improves SSD-aware storage algorithms it also makes it faster, both to deploy as well as to manage. With various Apache Cassandra and SSD-driven solutions seeing release in 2012 this should only drive Acunu faster upwards in terms of profits and development.


While it has less of a hand involved in the distribution of Big Data solutions, Decide.com is another Big Data startup which should also provide users with another reason to invest in the latest technology (such as Big Data). Providing real-time analysis of Big Data trends regarding electronic products such as TVs, laptops, cameras, phones and tablets it provides users with the decision (hence their name!) on the best time for them to buy said electronic product. The list of electronic products covered here is extensive and provides users with an instant analysis tool for when to purchase products, which should make it very popular. One wonders what will happen when it eventually makes the shift towards things asides from electronic products, perhaps one on startups such as itself? Again, only time will tell.

By Muz Ismail

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