Cloud Computing: An Ode to the Lost Server Huggers

Cloud Computing: An Ode To The lost Server Huggers

It is no longer a question. The Cloud is officially the future, it is here to stay and will probably take over everything in the next two to three years. As some industry watchers are saying the only major hurdle still blocking the way of the Cloud’s inexorable march are the server huggers still clinging on to their legacy technologies and private data centres. However, I totally understand what they are going through as virtual gods of the data centre, these server professionals have actually paved the way for the success of Cloud computing but are now facing what every previous generation of microprocessor has met: obsolescence.

Rather than steam roll these veterans of the server battlefield into pancakes beneath the glacier that is the Cloud, what many of these guys or rarely gals are forgetting is that there are still two options for them. Both will require change to a certain degree but only one may require them to start from scratch.

Rather than fight the unstoppable flow of Cloud adoptions, these server huggers would do well to focus their efforts on finding out how to join the giants currently populating the field of public Cloud. This is because they seem to be forgetting that these Cloud giants are actually supporting everyone else with their own oversized data centres. By joining and working at these data centres server huggers would not only be able to utilize their existing skill set but would actually be valued cogs in the great Cloud machine. Granted, they would still probably require some form of certification for the Cloud. Its a shame that there is no fast track for these server huggers to do so though, as it would be ever so easier to point them in the right direction.

The second option of course is to accept any push to the Cloud, support it and seek out Cloud management certification. While this is by no means starting from scratch it still proves to be a huge leap for server huggers who thought that they no longer had to learn new things anymore. Microsoft, IBM and even Red Hat are all offering Cloud Certification courses. CIO’s and other decision makers would do well to offer such certifications to those identified as server huggers so that they may be able to stave off possible pancaking by the time full adoption of the Cloud is finally in place.

By Muzaffar Ismail

Muzaffar Ismail is an avid technology watcher on the hardware side of the Cloud in particular around the areas covering Asia in general.

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