Cloud Computing Pitfalls to Watch for in 2012

Cloud Pitfalls to Watch for in 2012

As the end of the year for 2011 makes its inexorable approach, the forecasts for 2012, in particular for cloud computing are flying helter-skelter. Both IDC and Gartner have weighed in with their forecasts and many more continue to release their forecasts regarding cloud computing for next year. Key amongst these predictions is the fact that this time around many of them are saying that 2012 will mark the beginning of the cloud computing revolution. While some newcomers to the cloud bandwagon will gush with great gusto and enthusiasm about the upcoming landslide of cloud converts for next year, many have forgotten that nearly the same statement was given for 2011.

More seasoned Cloud watchers are as usual watching carefully. While consumerization and multiple device access may well drive more conversions to the Cloud, it is wise to note that most studies or surveys have revealed that 2011 conversions based on these reasons have never been overwhelmingly so.

It isn’t a bad thing to take all of these forecasts with a pinch of salt, not only so that you don’t end up over-extending yourself by end of 2012, but also because it may turn you and yours into a pioneer with no support and your ass very much uncovered. Covering your own ass is still the number 1 priority for most employees, even Cloud pioneers so swallow down that gusto and keep a watch for the Cloud pitfalls for 2012. Thankfully, some 2012 forecasts have revealed such pitfalls. Some of these forecast Cloud pitfalls include revelations such as:

  • The public Cloud isn’t really green – While many proponents of Cloud Computing have mentioned that the Cloud offers great ‘green’ environment saving potential it is in actuality just another method of passing the buck. This is because all the public Cloud service operators must have some form of server or data storage themselves to create their Cloud solutions. As more people move to the Cloud in 2012 these public Cloud service providers may also have to increase the size of their data centres to accommodate these new Cloud adopters. More energy will be required to power these data centres which will attract attention one way or another. Eventually (very soon more like) everyone is going to catch on, especially as public Cloud service provider data centres continue to grow exponentially. Playing the ‘green’ card in your deck at this time may lead you to a pitfall you may not be able to climb out of, especially if your only excuse is feigning ignorance.
  • A major Cloud security breach is expected and no one will know who to blame – Despite all the security trials and tribulations of 2011, an even larger security breach is expected in 2012, with particular focus on Cloud solutions and storage. While this is still pure speculation, the fact that many users of the Cloud as well as Cloud providers themselves are rather unclear about who should be watching the security for Cloud solutions and storage is even more troubling (based on the Security of Cloud Computing Providers Study). In the likely event that such a large security breach were to happen, a company and its IT administrator could be literally caught with their pants down. This could be even more devastating if there is insufficient backup procedures in place, so do make sure about this beforehand regardless of your position in the Cloud.
  • Everyone knows what you’re going to pitch – By now, practically everyone has either read, heard or been force fed all the hype about the Cloud. While Cloud solution providers for 2012 will be working to consolidate their existing services and provide innovation for customers its also the time when you should do the same. Start thinking back about what you can pitch to adopt the Cloud or make the long haul road to Cloud acceptance less bumpy. Take a look at your existing slides and do a revamp while also inserting new driving forces that may have come up. Choosing to do nothing will not let you move Cloud adoption or acceptance any faster and may just put you at a career standstill as a one-trick pony in the race for Cloud kingdom.

By Muzaffar Ismail

Muzaffar Ismail is an avid technology watcher on the hardware side of the Cloud in particular around the areas covering Asia in general.

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