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HP ‘Master The Cloud’ Event (Montreal) – Part 1

HP ‘Master The Cloud’ Event (Montreal) – Part 1

It’s a cold, bright day in Montreal, Quebec, where HP has chosen to present their day long Master the Cloud event this 26th of January, 2012. Le Palais de Congrés, or Convention Centre, is packed with Canadian HP customers, vendors, press, bloggers, and staff. Promptly at 9, Dave Frederickson, VP and General Manager of Enterprise Servers and Storage Networking take the stage. Dave knows that HP can help businesses small and large to harness the capabilities of the cloud.  Some may then reply, “But does HP have the credibility to do so?”

Well, they have been doing it for quite some time already, and are only moving forward at a pace faster than their competitors. Thanks to R& D and multiple acquisitions, coupled with hundreds of partners around the globe, HP knows exactly what the vision for the future of the cloud is. He also asks, “Who is HP? What is our strategy?” They are one of the largest providers of infrastructure, all having started out with hardware. Says Frederickson, “We’re proud of that. Everything else builds upon that expertise.” They are able to deliver cost effective solutions, expand their core with software, application and infrastructure management, information management, and security and risk management. “We have the hardware structure and the software.”

He is followed by Denis Gaudreault, Business Development Manager of Intel Canada. They have partnered with HP because they know that the cloud brings open data and open protocols that need to be dynamic and optimized. Moving from the industrial age to the information age has been, and is, painful for many industries. Just think about the newspaper business. There is too much at stake for corporations to allow IT to remain the way it is now. But it is not just the newspaper industry facing these challenges. He likens the success or failure of companies embracing the cloud to that of a good surfer who has done his homework: that surfer can handle the big waves. But, when he jumps blindly into “the big one“, it can crush them. Says Denis, “The big wave has already started. Are you ready?” Intel believes they, with their HP partnership, are. They want to make the cloud fully automated with resource optimization in power efficient data centers. Open and interoperable solutions are essential, and that’s why they formed the

Finally, Lu Kabir, VP of HP Global Cloud Computing along with HP Canada’s Chief Solutions Manager William Dupley are up. One of the main concerns of businesses and their transition into the cloud involves an inherent feeling that there IS money in the cloud, but that they are not able to, or unaware of, how to write the business case. What is the justification? What is the ROI? One of the fundamental beliefs of HP is that even among the three “flavors” of cloud is that applications must be portable. Being able to build, develop, and test internally is great, but what happens when you want to then go public with that app? No changes should ever have to be made when transitioning between private and public clouds. Of course, if that is the case, then what about the different needs of privacy and security? For all, privacy in the cloud is paramount. It has even held Canada back due to worrying about this very issue. They a concerned about the possible lack of compliance mechanisms, fear of vendor lock-in, and even application migration challenges. One of the easiest ways to get past these fears? Don’t go proprietary. “Others are, HP is not.” They want to make sure that their customers’ applications investments are protected because they recognize that not all security is equal. Recognizing those different levels of security requirements can help with costs, in addition to the magnitudes of cost savings the cloud already offers. IT and office benefits such as server and storage efficiency, operation staff reduction and help desk efficiency. Business benefits would include faster time to market, rapid development of new business, and improved employee efficiency.

After the keynote concluded, I had an opportunity to attend a press interview with those giving the keynote speeches. They want to stress that there are three flavors of cloud solutions: Private clouds for enterprise, managed clouds, where HP and an SLA guarantees the privacy customers would expect. And finally, the public cloud, which is in beta. For enterprises who want to know more, HP will talk to you for free. They offer Cloud Discovery, a service that you can help you go in the direction you need to go. They want it to be so easy that all you have to do is call any branch and say, “I want to learn more about the cloud”. That’s all it takes.

Event Coverage by Josh Horner

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