Big Data plays a major role in gaming, an industry valued at over $90 billion today. With the gaming industry more competitive than ever, developers are trying to understand player psychology and behavior to ensure games are constructed in such a way that players find their “flow zone.” Ensuring gamers keep coming back through game optimization, refining factors which encourage titles going viral...

More Big Data related Startups for 2012

More Big Data related Startups For 2012

The number of startups related to Big Data continues to grow exponentially with a number of interesting startups to watch for in 2012. These startups include: Zillabyte, Cloudability and Kaggle.


Taking a bite out of the Big Data processing business, is set to put Big Data analysis into the hands of business users through data sets and algorithms. Rather than get some Subject Matter Expert with a relevant PHD to do it for you, the company will seek to create a Big Data analysis through automation. The Zillabyte founders have had experience with Google and seen how Google’s own internal tools help to make Big Data analysis as painless as possible. This is exactly what they intend for Zillabyte which they say will provide their users with a big picture crawl of the entire Internet, so that they can get a trend or forecast one happening as easy as possible.


Unlike my previous set of Big Data related startups, is a startup that actually tracks Big Data and is mostly related to cloud pattern detection involving cloud spending overages. What this means in simple English is that they track your overall spending in the cloud and let you know if there is a spike. Much like when your credit card company calls you up about the $22,000 diamond encrusted thong you never bought, this lets companies dealing in the Cloud check through and find out if there is anything not right going on. Already, the company has saved several such companies from hacker activity where Cloud resources were breached and used to transfer TBs worth of data, which saw an overage spike in cloud spending for said company. Right now, Cloudability currently has $1.1 million in seed money to expand its services beyond the normal tracking that it is doing now, and we can only hope that it will focus this money on more ways of saving us money such as algorithm run forecasting tools and the like.


While is essentially a large job market for outsourcing Big Data Analysts, they take a very novel approach to it. Rather than just offer these Big Data Analysts a job, they make it into a fun sport contest with a prize for the winner, usually in the form of cash a bit more than they would have made just by taking the job. According to Kaggle, they create and manage this community of worldwide Phd toting data analysts, who use it more as a watering hole than an actual job site, allowing Kaggle to crowdsource Big Data jobs as and when a contest is introduced. Kaggle have also mentioned that they are implementing top-secret Big Data jobs that only a select few of proven individuals from the community can participate in, which allows these participants access to this data and a chance even more premium prizes. Expect Non-Disclosure Agreements if you do get selected along with other things you may or may not want to actually know. Those looking to get their Big Data checked through would do well to check Kaggle out and start your own contest. In addition, Kaggle recently acquired $11 million in funding for even more features to come.

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