Cloud Computing and SaaS: Information Technology Evolving

Cloud Computing and SaaS: Information Technology Evolving

Information technology is very important in higher education. There are just many advantages of the IT that we cannot just ignore. For example, IT allows learners to actually explore the world in the safety of their classrooms. With IT facilities, the teacher can bring the world to the classroom and bring the classroom to the world.

IT, as a matter of fact, is also supposed to mean less consumption on the part of the education institutions (Hignite et al., 2010).  How is IT supposed to do this? Well, IT is largely capable of making sure that learners and teachers can access applications through the internet. With this, it is thought that educational institutions can reduce or cut their educational spending. However, we now know that they are wrong.

Surveys and studies reveal that most educational institutions actually spend more today with the use of IT. What has caused this? Well, the availability of infinite data online through IT and through cloud computing has fueled the greed of a lot of educators – in a good way, that is. Basically, now, they need to be ensured that they have the speediest connection there is. And, of course, this means money.

IT has, indeed, come a long way. It is no longer wearing the same thick façade that it was wearing several decades ago. Now, there are a whole lot of applications that can be used by businessmen and educators alike. Cloud computing is one of the latest innovations that we can take advantage of in the 21st century.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of universities and state colleges which make use of cloud computing in order to enhance their administrative services. In a lot of 3rd world countries, or developing countries, cloud computing is used to a lesser extent. For instance, they use it, along with its variants like the SaaS and others, in order to make communication between and among satellite campuses more efficient. Of course, communication is merely a piece of the pie. They also use cloud computing in order to organize more effectively. As you may already know, there are a lot if information that are being processed by universities. With cloud computing, they are able to sort these out more effectively, and they are able to share this information more efficiently.

Of course, there have been some doubts about the ability of cloud computing to actually store and protect sensitive information. This fear is not at all unfounded, because things that are online are always susceptible to some kind of hacking and tampering.

But, the whole point of my mentioning about this is that cloud computing is now generally recognized all over the world. With cloud computing, there is actually a very real chance of cutting costs. After all, for instance, SaaS materials and applications are only available online. In other words, one cannot use this offline.

Basically, SaaS will truly enable institutions to divert their limited budget to some other important things because they will not need to finance or fund the purchase or the construction of new IT facilities. Why? Because SaaS does not need physical hardware.

By Cenon Gaytos