Cyber Attackers Targeting the Keys to the Cloud Kingdom

Cyber Attacking Targets Privileged Credentials Used to Administer Cloud Services Make an Attractive Target and Entry Point for Attackers In recent weeks, cyber attacks ranging from Operation Cloud Hopper to the breach at FlexiSpy demonstrate the vulnerable, expanded attack surface associated…

Outsourcing Hyper-Hybrid Cloud Integration New Way To Go

Cloud Integration New Way To Go

Cloud Computing has diversified so much now that it isn’t just about the Private Cloud vs Public Cloud debate (which continues to simmer). Many Cloud Computing proponents are now advocating Hybrid Clouds as the way to go. According to some, Hyper-Hybrid Clouds fit the bill better though, adding even more complexity to an already complex Cloud integration situation, or does it?

Instead of opting for just a private cloud, Hybrid Clouds incorporate at least one private cloud with one public cloud service. This solves the problem of limited scalability in a private cloud while providing top-notch on-premise security that a public cloud lacks. According to Deloitte Consulting in their Elevate IT for Digital Business report,Along the way, leading organizations moved from cautious exploration to the reality of multiple individual cloud offerings handling critical pieces of their business operations-and sourced from multiple public and private providers.”

Indeed, rather than having to contend with just a private cloud integration, it makes more sense to also include public cloud services into the mix. As such, Hyper-Hybrid Clouds incorporate multiple public cloud services based around a core private cloud. This burden of integration no longer has to fall entirely on the shoulders of existing IT staff though, as a more mature Cloud Computing market has seen the emergence of cloud brokering services. Rather than handle the integration themselves, businesses can now outsource their Hyper-Hybrid Cloud integration to these Cloud brokers. Many have already done so as illustrated in the Tech Trends 2012: Elevate IT for Digital Business report with Mohawk Fine Papers as a fine example of Hyper-Hybrid Cloud brokering. This brings up the now familiar list of ways to find a good Hyper-Hybrid Cloud Broker.

As always, best practices for the industry remain in place so businesses looking for such brokers should look for:

  • those with proven track records
  • good reviews and testimonials
  • service plans or packages that fit with what their business is looking for particularly in terms of security, contingency, backup and so forth

All in all, while Hyper-Hybrid Cloud Computing does seem the way to go, integration no longer seems to be all that difficult. All businesses really need to focus on is providing a solid core Private Cloud and even then, new offerings such as Piston’s pentOS OpenStack Private Cloud operating system and other upcoming OpenStack offerings help to streamline this process even further.

By Muz Ismial


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