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Women and Cloud Computing, Part III: Spotlighting the Top Laureled Ladies

Women and Cloud Computing, Part III: Spotlighting the Top Laureled Ladies

This past Valentine’s Day, CloudNOW (NOW an acronym for “Network of Women”), the leading organization of women in cloud computing, gathered to celebrate its own.

Helmswoman Jocelyn DeGance Graham led CloudNOW’s first ever formal awards ceremony, which this year focused on offering praise to 10 exceptional women in the cloud. The event took place at the Cloud Connect Exposition held in Santa Clara, California.

Frequently regarded as the preeminent event for members of the cloud computing community, Cloud Connect provided a sterling backdrop for the feting of individuals who’d made an indelible impact on the current state of the cloud; that they were women has both nothing and everything to do with the magnitude and durability of their cloud contributions.

This week, we’ll shed additional light on three of the women laureled by CloudNOW. Future “Women in Cloud Computing” articles will eventually cover all the brilliant professionals honored.

Jamie Dos Santos

As President of the Verizon company Terremark, Ms. Dos Santos is clearly an expert at identifying and deploying pinpointed cloud technology as it benefits the whole of an organization. Training at the University of Florida and Harvard buoyed her through 25 years of excellence at companies like Bellsouth and SAIC. Dos Santos is also well-regarded for her opinion on security in the cloud; President Obama appointed her to his National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee.

Padmasree Warrior

As the Chief Executive Officer of Motorola, Ms. Warrior finds herself in an apt and powerful position to affect the direction of cloud computing. Her career launched in the ’80s at Motorola, eventually working her way up to the company’s executive vice president post. The President awarded her a 2004 National Medal of Technology, a company first. Piquantly, Warrior evidences a healthy balance between art and science in her career, serving on the boards for both the Joffrey Ballet and Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

Lauren States

Ms. States enjoys what might be the most envied position in the cloud: Chief Technology Officer of Cloud Computing at IBM. She came up through the Wharton School, studying actuarial science; she nabbed a gig as a systems engineer at IBM and never failed to impress along the way to her current job. Perusing on of her blog posts proves that States does not take her estimable career lightly, and that she views the status quo of cloud computing with a clear, realist eye. Although “cloud is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution,” she writes, it can still “reinvent business” and reconfigure our concept of IT.

By Jeff Norman

About Jeff Norman

Jeff Norman is a freelance writer currently based in New York City. He's moved into writing about cloud computing from substantial work in culture and the arts. He earned his undergraduate degree in English at Stanford and has studied at Oxford and Cambridge.

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