5% Of Companies Have Embraced The Digital Innovation Fostered By Cloud Computing

Embracing The Cloud We love the stories of big complacent industry leaders having their positions sledge hammered by nimble cloud-based competitors. Saleforce.com chews up Oracle’s CRM business. Airbnb has a bigger market cap than Marriott. Amazon crushes Walmart (and pretty…

Beyond SFTP: Five Ways To Secure And Manage Your Data Transfer Via The Cloud

Beyond SFTP: Five Ways To Secure And Manage Your Data Transfer Via The Cloud

Unmanaged Data Transfers Mean Risky Business Every day, growing amounts of electronic information are flowing – both inside your business and outside your business to trading partners. Your data – and how efficiently and effectively you handle its transfer – defines your business. It’s part of your competitive advantage. And a lot of it is data that would expose your company to risk if were misdirected, stolen, late or lost.

Think about what travels across your network and the Internet every day:

  • Sensitive information such as financial data, price lists, contracts, and customer data
  • Regulated information, such as human resources data, health-care data, and payment data including creditcard numbers
  • Intellectual property such as CAD files, videos of product prototypes, or product development plans
  • Inventory information and other critical operating data from your point-of-sale systems or external warehouses

This data is being exchanged in various ways, including system-to-system (batch-file uploads, scheduled transfers), system-to-human (scheduled reports), and human-to-human (ad hoc emails and manual FTP uploads).
It’s of course vital that the right data get to the right person or system at the right time. Beyond this, it’s vital that you know – and can prove – that critical data traveled and arrived at its destination securely. Ideally, of course, your data would always use the most economical means of transport. And your data transfers would perform correctly every time – in thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of data transfers a week.  The logistics of making this happen can be overwhelming. The possibilities for human error are many, and the level of risk is unacceptable.

Limitations of Current Approaches

It’s a problem that’s crying for automation. But it requires intelligent automation* to make the right split-second decisions, unaided, for every transfer.

Unfortunately, most solutions for automating secure data transfers aren’t intelligent enough. As a result, the solutions are insecure, costly or imprecise. FTP servers may be cheap, but they are often unreliable and they aren’t secure. The servers are frequently scattered throughout the company, which makes them difficult to manage and govern according to business needs (“FTP spaghetti”). Email is a convenient, familiar way to handle system-to-human and human-to-human exchanges, but it’s notoriously insecure, error-prone, and inefficient at handling large files.

Read the white paper to learn more about securing and managing your data transfer via the cloud…


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