Cloud Apps of the Week: Comondo Cloud

Cloud Apps of the Week: Comondo Cloud

From sexy Emmy winners to tip-top security, this week’s selection of apps keeps both entertainment and assurance at the fore.

Let’s not get started on the heated discussion of whether (or not) Crocs count as viable footwear. For every detractor, it seems like two Croc-oholics come along right on cue. A brand new app is targeted squarely at such connoisseurs of Crocs, called Crocs Mix & Match. (Search for the most recent app using your smartphone now.) This application, available on both the iPhone and the Android, allows users to virtually sample and even try on their favorite pair of the comfy shoes. Free of cost, this application works by the user snapping a shot of their outfit and uploading it. The app then flits through around three hundred of the latest Crocs models — including boat shoes, penny loafers, and wedges — sorting through them in pursuit of the most ideal Crocs for your particular ten toes.

Modern Family, Mad Men, Downton Abbey — the inescapable pandemonium for all of these shows, and countless others, is undeniably due (in part) to the hugely warm reception they annually from the Emmy Awards, celebrating the best in television. Industry insiders are elected each year to decide who’ll get the trophies every September; obviously, they’ll need to watch more than a few hours of TV, on ready-to-watch DVDs called “screeners,” to make the best choice. Enter the first-ever Emmy screener iPad application, also known as the NBCU Screen It app, powered by Brightcove’s App Cloud. Now Emmy voters will have the incentive of watching Sofia Vergara or Jon Hamm in beautiful form, thanks to the cloud’s assets to entertainment.

In response to increasing public scrutiny of the cloud re: its security, several cloud security apps have been released. Among the most noteworthy of these is Comodo Cloud, which helps protects users’ data by storing it in multiple locations via its sync features. Five gigabytes of free storage are available right off the bat, and every file a user uploads is automatically backed up. With a download size of just over 1M, Comodo Cloud is also quite ideal for those with little space for such a helpful application.

Another security app you should know about is Bitdefender’s Safebox, which offers users 2 gigs of space gratis, with more on offer for a nominal fee. Safebox differs from Comodo in that the app can be manipulated to automatically back up a file whenever it is altered. Whichever app you pick, you won’t go wrong, but rather securely right.

By Jeff Norman

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