3 Ways to Protect Users From Ransomware With the Cloud

Protect Users From Ransomware The threat of ransomware came into sharp focus over the course of 2016. Cybersecurity trackers have been aware of ransomware for almost a decade. Observed instances had been steadily rising, with 3.2 million reported in 2014…

Jolicloud Me – A Personal Cloud Organizing Service

Jolicloud Me – A Personal Cloud Organizing Service

While cloud services have popped up everywhere, giving us options to store and manage our music, images, documents and other files on the cloud, there is no comprehensive organizing solution that connects them all in an easy and intuitive way. Thus, I have Gmail storing my emails, Dropbox for my backups, Facebook and Instagram for images and Google Docs for my documents. What we need is a way to integrate them all.

The just launched JoliCloud Me promises to connect them all and if they deliver on the promise it could give further push to cloud computing in the consumer space. The JoliCloud product is from a small startup in Paris and they have earlier pioneered the cloud desktop concept. It is available on iOS and Android native apps apart from a HTML5 app. Currently it is in public beta and invites can be requested from their website. The service currently works with Facebook, Twitter, Instgram, Flickr and Picasa with plans to expand to more services in the future.

The problem they are targeting is where the users signup for a bunch of services and share stuff in each of them, but then lose track of what they did. With different APIs and interfaces it gets unmanageable at some point. Moreover, the consumers still want a desktop like organization where they can easily manage their different files and this limitation has been an impediment to cloud computing in the consumer space. With an intuitive interface it becomes quite easy to simulate the desktop experience and go further than that.

After listening to our users, we discovered that their biggest frustration was the feeling they are losing their lives on multiple competitive services,” says Tariq Krim, CEO and founder of Jolicloud.

What is special about this app is its automatic integration with all the major sources personal data – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, etc. and automatically categorizes the assets based on the types – images, messages, video etc. It has a Pinterest type interface to easily browse through your assets in your library. From your library you can create collections out of related files. Thus, you can have a collection for your upcoming vacation (with pictures, itinerary, music) and another for the books you are planning to read. The collections can then be shared with other people easily.

The bigger attraction however is the personal search engine, which the company likens to Google for yourself. This could be very useful as the number of things we share online has increased immensely in a  very short time.

By Balaji Viswanathan


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