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Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez Makes Exciting Move, Terrible Pun: “Quick Draw Animation” Revealed at SXSW

Creator of the El Mariachi trilogy and Grindhouse collaborator Robert Rodriguez has found a new avenue with which to create his highly stylized exploitation flicks, opening Quick Draw Animation.

The Press Release was, surprisingly for Rodriguez, a muted affair, giving little away besides the typical corporate promises. The company is a joint venture by Rodriguez with VMG Entertainment. VMG CEO Sukumar Subramanian assures us the name will accurately reflect the product, “[we will] showcase our ability to quickly turn around high quality products continuously in the coming years”.

The studio is multinational, making use of animators and staff in Texas, the UK and India. To pool these resources, they’re partnering with AMD computing, utilizing their APU and Cloud capabilities to enable them to work from multiple places around the globe on single, cohesive projects. AMD Corporate VP in Marketing Leslie Sobon is excited to see the results,  “Robert Rodriguez has always used technology to push the boundaries of what is possible in film-making, and we look forward to seeing what Robert does with AMD technology in the realm of animation.”

These possibilities will likely raise a few eyebrows in Hollywood, where animation is considered expensive, despite animators having some of the most challenging roles in the industry. Outsourcing to India and other developing economies seems advantageous, at least according to this report by igloo360, making cloud technology all the more essential for production houses to keep costs down.

Rodriguez is no stranger to AMD computing, having used their wares on the Spy Kids franchise, creating 3D (and 4D “aromascope”) live-action films. Rodriguez intends to use their Vision Technology to help him realize his animated aspirations.

No budget details have yet to be confirmed for the debut animated feature, but it will be interesting to see how this technological adventure plays out at the box-office, for all involved.The first project announced by Rodriguez for Quick Draw Animation is an adaptation of the raunchy cult comic Heavy Metal, previously rumored to be in the hands of David Fincher. The comic magazine featured sci-fi and fantasy themes in a heady cocktail and violence and erotica- a fitting addition to Rodriguez’s oeuvre.

By Robert Stanton

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