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According to MetricStream’s, ‘The State of Cyber Security in the Financial Services Industry’ report, around 66 percent of financial services institutions have faced at least one cyber-attack in the last 12 months. The cost of this can even result in a complete shutdown of the business."

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Future Cloud Computing Work Opportunities

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Cloud Computing Work Opportunities

Market Prediction: Cloud Technology to offer 14 Million jobs by 2015

Cloud computing certification has a lot in store in terms of future job creation. It is anticipated that cloud computing technology will lead to a generation of an estimated 14 million novel job opportunities across the world in the span of the coming three years. Surprising enough, the scope of the fresh jobs may extend beyond the IT sector. The estimates are an outcome of research carried out by IDC funded by the Microsoft Corporation. Fourteen million expected jobs sure is a promising number in itself, but when stacked against the current volume of the available global workforce (a little greater than 3 billion to be exact) it equals a shy half a percent – a mere droplet compared against the  pail.

It is worth to note that only 1.18 million of the anticipated lot of 14 million jobs will be hosted in the North America region. The lion’s share of the opportunities will be available in the budding markets. A hefty 10 million of the jobs will arise in the Asia Pacific region, India and China. The primary reason for this remains the mammoth size of the region’s human resource pool – about 1.3 promising personnel in India and China alone, as per findings of the report.

Nevertheless, it’s a great beginning since job conception at any scale is equally valuable. The efficacy of cloud technology as a positive force is further augmented by the projections of this particular study. Furthermore, the study serves an eye-opener for those who consider cloud computing as a job terminator. The technology, in fact, is bound to boost the number of available jobs, and that too across the globe, all the way through ventures of varying functionalities and sizes. After all, the beauty of the cloud lies in the actuality that rising markets and small organizations all have access to similar benefits offered by the technology just like any large scale enterprise or developed economy.  

So what genre of jobs are we talking about here? It figures out that the majority of the created jobs will be related to the field of IT, including cloud architectural designers, integration experts etc. Allied domains, such as smart phone application development sector, continue to make use of cloud technology for delivering better products and entrepreneurial spin offs. App Economy has confirmed that the smart app development sector alone has resulted in the creation of 466,000 jobs in the United States. Application developers and software engineers are rapidly designing apps that make use of cloud technology. An inevitable consequence of the above is an increased demand for cloud professionals around the globe. IDC advocates that apart from strictly technical roles, cloud technology and cloud computing certification will lead to expansion and resulting increased demand of human resource in finance, sales, marketing, service, production and administrative departments of various ventures.

Folks at IDC further extrapolate that ingenuity and innovation in cloud technology might lead to monetary results as large as $1.1 trillion per annum in the coming 36 months. The firm validates that during the last year, IT cloud service providers made it possible for corporations of all sizes around the globe to secure more than $400 billion in sales, in addition to the 1.5 million brand new jobs.

By Humayun Shahid

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