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Survey Results: Whooping One-Third Of IT Budget Dedicated To Cloud Computing

IT Budget Dedicated to Cloud Computing

IT Budget Dedicated to Cloud Computing

Reports released by IDG Enterprise are a clear indicative of the fact that IT ventures are now investing profoundly in the cloud computing domain. The findings originate from a survey comprising of about 1650 ICT and business executives. It has been unveiled that on average, more than 34% of the present day IT fiscal reserves are allocated to cloud computing solutions.

The study sheds light upon the findings that the lion’s share of the budget is spent on private cloud providers residing inside the boundaries of corporations. Private deployment continues to be the segment where the heftiest proportion of information resides on the cloud in present times – estimated to be a decent 24%. The percentage is set to flourish in coming months, with an anticipated sky-rocketing to 33% in the approaching 18 months.

The pronouncement that cloud services have now secured slightly more than one-third of the total IT budgets augments the toehold cloud computing has acquired within IT ventures. Let this be absolutely clear that cloud computing is not merely about gaining budgeting ground. An estimated 25% of the survey participants are strong advocates of cloud computing as a business strategy shaping catalyst.

Furthermore, as per predictions chalked out in the report, cloud based services might strengthen their stranglehold to an extent that about two third of the existing corporations are willing to increase cloud spending in the next year. A mean increase of 16% in cloud based spending by companies is forecasted in the same time frame. In addition, seven out of every ten ventures realize the prevalent need of personnel skill enhancement indispensable to keep pace with the latest developments in cloud computing trends.

The findings reveal that majority of the surveyed companies are planning to transfer a number of applications to cloud based sources within the next three years. The most significant among the aspirant migrant application base are messaging applications (primarily email), collaboration and conferencing software (including audio and video centered applications), data and information storage, human resource management, customer relationship management and entity relationship management tool set.

The study discloses that despite the comparatively higher start-up expenses involved in the implementation of cloud initiatives, an enormous proportion (about 63%) of corporations are convinced that the relocating to the cloud is bound to be cost saving in the long run.

The discoveries are not entirely encouraging though. About 70% of the survey participants have expressed unfathomable unease regarding security concerns pertinent to cloud deployment. Similar discomfort about timely information access follows the tracks at an estimated 40%.

By Humayun Shahid


With degrees in Communication Systems Engineering and Signal Processing, Humayun currently works as a lecturer at Pakistan's leading engineering university. The author has an inclination towards incorporating quality user experience design in smartphone and web applications.