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Research Findings: US Far Behind The World In Cloud Endorsement

cloud edorsement

US Far Behind the World in Cloud Endorsement

Tata Consultancy Services have spilled the beans on one of their most astounding discoveries. The analytics firm has come up with insight into how rapid global cloud endorsement by large and medium sized ventures.

Statistics show that Europe and the United States have a large ground to cover in order to catch up with the rest of the world in endorsing cloud computing. The finding is quite strange in itself, augmented by the fact that the brains behind the conceptualization and implementation of cloud computing technology – Google, IBM, Microsoft, Apple and Oracle, are all US-based ventures. Furthermore, numerous software-as-a-service feature providers happen to originate from the US.

The report is studded with surprises. Next in line is the revelation that majority of the mid-sized business enterprises in the US are eager to have a hefty proportion of their software applications hosted in the cloud within the next couple of years.

Where are the die-hard cloud computing zealots stationed then? It figures out that about 600 predominant ventures that have picked up the cloud computing phenomenon belong to Latin America. On average, a corporation belonging to the large sized category has roughly 39% of the total applications hosted in the cloud. Companies originating from the Asia Pacific region are gradually catching up with a similar competitive percentage of 28%, accounting for a current difference of about 11%. On the other hand, similar mean statistics for large sized companies the US reveal a shy quota of merely 19%. Europe is nothing more than a wishbone of proportion, with just 12% of the total applications residing on the cloud.

Predictions by the consultancy depict that by 2014, the said percentage is set to climb up to 54% in Latin America and 52% in the Asia Pacific region. The US and European companies would still be lagging far behind – standing at 33% and 24% respectively.

The turtle paced approbation of cloud technology within the US and Europe clearly indicates a pronounced reluctance within Europe and the United Sates in this context. Large ventures continue to be obstinate regarding uploading customer details and operation-sensitive information on the cloud. Part of this reluctance builds on substantial government rulings, primarily from the Sarbanes-Oxley in the US and the EU Data Protection Directive in Europe. Furthermore, pervasiveness of inveterate data houses equipped with legacy system dynamics and procedures all over Europe and the US just might be an additional cause. It is worth to note that companies in developing parts of the world are bypassing this very factor, making it easy for them to adopt the cloud.

In addition, the study establishes the act of triumphing over the trepidation of security lapses as the agent responsible for espousing and deriving benefit out of cloud based applications. Out of the fear of data secrecy contravening, mainstream medium and large sized companies within the States and the West remain distant from the cloud approach.

By Humayun Shahid

After achieving his Bachelors and Masters Degree in Communication Systems Engineering and Signal Processing respectively, Humayun now works as a lecturer at Pakistan’s leading engineering university. The author has an inclination towards incorporating quality user experience design in smartphone and web applications.   


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