The Art of Professional (and Personal) Branding with the Cloud

The Art of Professional (and Personal) Branding with the Cloud

Branding — the watchword of the zeitgeist. From billion-dollar conglomerates to everyday individuals who dream of reshaping their image, it seems as if we’re all on a mission to brand ourselves and shape other’s perceptions of us. When properly executed, a branding (or re-branding) effort can augment a business’ profile and revenue, attract a more influential network, and help a person or company follow trend or transition into a more appropriate, compelling image. Do you know what other concept continues to gain traction, and positive branding, for achieving these very same ideals? If you said “cloud computing,” give yourself a shiny gold star.

Indeed, the cloud is enjoying an ever-increasing and improving persona as a tool essential for anyone who aspires to greater efficiency, creativity, and (potentially) profit. Rumor has it that cloud computing can also tag-team with a branding strategy, on levels both personal and professional, to positively redefine who uses it. Here are a couple ideas on just how this cloud-branding harmony can be accomplished:

Harness cloud computing to prep for a massive inflow of visitor traffic during a (re)branding campaign. Many of the greatest and most effective marketing missions in business history never came to be, due to those missions’ failure to cogently answer a key question: how will the client’s website handle the skyrocketing demand and visitor influx? We’re happy to report that cloud computing offers an attractively flexible answer to this question.

Cloud-based web servers can upscale to absorb a spike in hits and interest, preventing a crash, while those same servers can downscale as the attention ebbs. With the cloud, a well-marketed, shiny and new web campaign will withstand the positive pandemonium every branding effort prays for.

Configure your cloud correctly to brand your business/client on outstanding customer/fan service. Say that, during a (re)branding period, a massive change to your virtual interactions ensues. You dismantle your old blog in order to refurbish a new one, for example. Or your team has yet to eradicate every bug and glitch to your business’ sparkling, souped-up web site, so you need time to troubleshoot. Such fissures in web presence can spell frustration for regular customers or interested fans, who might complain/unfollow/un-Like in protest.

You can address and allay this dismay, however, by establishing a special phone number or temporary site, via the cloud. Cloud computing’s flexibility also enables you to reach out to your web community before, during, and after a major re-tooling. All of these steps both preserve your respect and declare that your fans/customers come first, cementing their loyalty and potentially attracting more interest.

Cloud loving readers: how have you used the cloud to help fuel and sustain your (re)branding campaign?

By Jeff Norman

About Jeff Norman

Jeff Norman is a freelance writer currently based in New York City. He's moved into writing about cloud computing from substantial work in culture and the arts. He earned his undergraduate degree in English at Stanford and has studied at Oxford and Cambridge.