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The Prospects Of Finding Employment In The Cloud Computing Field

The Prospects Of Finding Employment In The Cloud Computing Field

Employers, who are looking for new hires, are searching for people with basic foundations in technology. Aside from that, they also want that applicant to possess people and business skills. Thus, if you’re somebody who’s trying to find work, you must ensure that you have these skills. The modern office environment is being invaded by mobile and cloud technologies. Therefore, job hunters must be familiar with such technologies to increase their chances of being hired.

A cloud expert is one who is familiar with Platform-as-a-service because it is utilized to develop applications running in the cloud environment. Since more and more companies are expected to move to the clouds, it doesn’t hurt if an applicant knows PaaS because such knowledge and experience are important to these organizations. If you’re an employee seeking work in an administrative capacity in a cloud technology provider, your knowledge of Puppet will definitely increase your chances of being hired. Puppet is an application which aids organizations in getting administrative work done over a centralized environment.

On the other hand, if you’re searching work as an applications developer, it pays if you have knowledge in mobile applications such as iOS and Android mobile platforms. Knowledge of HTML5 is also being required because it is now considered as a mobile device industry standard. You can search for training courses online for such new technologies so you can add those new skills in your resume.

In the long run, you must have a basic foundation in technology so that you can easily adapt to new technologies because eventually these new technologies existing today will be old technologies in the near future. It pays to know real basic technical stuff like how the network switch or processor works, as well as how an application works. Knowledge of the physical infrastructures currently being implemented in data centers is also a great plus. A working knowledge of the basics will surely differentiate you from the other applicants.

Aside from technical skills, you must possess excellent people and business skills. Although imbibing these skills can take a long time, people who work team players are always welcome in any organization. The skills are your passport to your new job because employers will be confident that you will try to resolve every customer with their problems and that you can clearly communicate the IT protocols to your new company because you will be working with other employees with various levels of IT competencies.

The demand for people with cloud computing knowledge will steadily grow as more and more business organizations are trooping to the clouds. Because of this potential demand, there are institutions which have started offering cloud computing certifications in order to boost the chances of job applicants. Some of these organizations are even offering cloud computing training for free.

Cloud computing skills are being demanded by many business organizations but not much of these applicants are equipped with such skills. In the United States of America, Canada, and some countries in Europe, many businesses are posting job advertisements. There are crucial positions being offered by these companies for people who have the IT, business, and people skills. However, these open positions aren’t currently being filled because a lot of people don’t have the requirement skills. Thus, it pays for an individual to exert all efforts to upgrade his skills so that the new job openings will eventually be filled.

By Florence de Borja