The IoT-Connected Car of Today – Cases From Hertz, Nokia, NTT, Mojio & Concur Technologies

The IoT-Connected Car of Today Imagine a world where your car not only drives itself, but also says intelligent things like these: A hotel is just around the corner and you have been driving for eight hours. Would you like…

Forget The Time 100: Here’s The Coolest In Cloud

Forget the Time 100: Here’s the Coolest in Cloud

Cloud computing always seems to progress at a rapid pace. Over just the past few years, the cloud as an industry model has matured from a promising yet passable curiosity enjoying fifteen minutes of fame into an indelible and mushrooming contributor to the contemporary technology community. But capitalizing on cloud demands serious legwork in terms of deciding with whom to invest your time and money. Such almost breakneck growth in cloud has made it a bit tricky to sort those who are truly shaping what cloud will become from their convenient bandwagon counterparts.

Enter CRN to save the day and simplify the process of identify the veritable movers and shakers in cloud computing today. Each year, the well regarded IT news source compiles a list of the creme de la creme among cloud providers. Only the 100 most enterprising and forward-thinking of cloud vendors make the list each year, ranging across five key categories: PaaS, IaaS, software and applications, storage, and security. Those in the cloud community can survey the list to check for peers who made the cut, and competitors who weren’t so fortunate. Anyone who is considering entering the cloud, or maintaining or upgrading their presence therein, should set aside an afternoon to peruse the list and cherry-pick their cloud vendors from this elite selection.

Among those selected for the excellence in cloud security are Acronis, who concentrates on disaster recovery and protection, specifically via the maintenance of business continuity and a minimization of downtime away from the cloud in a crisis. CA Technologies also made the cut this year, in large part for its CloudMinder-branded array of identity management and security amenities. On the storage front, AppAssure stands out for its replication capacity and facility with use with the majority of primary hypervisors. Speedily growing Carbonite has made a name for itself through its automatized online data backup schemes, earning a place among the top cloud 100.

This year’s choices for top-flight infrastructure vendors include Eucalyptus Systems, a provider of private PaaS and responsible for having fueled more than 25,000 startups in cloud. And as a “pure-play IaaS provider,” GoGrid is tough to beat for deployment of new applications and streamlining of workloads.

Clearly it’s more than just offering cloud service that vaults a cloud vendor into this elite 100. Those fortunate enough to have been chosen embody a knockout distinguishing feature, like a mastery of a niche or a rare amalgamation of amenities and components once considered to be unrelated. To the advantage of those interested in cloud, CRN’s selection makes it simple to land upon a true cloud computing winner.

By Jeff Norman

Jeff Norman

Jeff Norman is a freelance writer currently based in New York City. He's moved into writing about cloud computing from substantial work in culture and the arts. He earned his undergraduate degree in English at Stanford and has studied at Oxford and Cambridge.