Gussy Up Your Employment With Cloud Computing

Gussy Up Your Employment with Cloud Computing

With reports of 50,000 new jobs being launched in cloud computing/IT in Los Angeles alone, it’s official: the employment iron is hot. Strike into the fray with a sophisticated grasp of how cloud computing can improve your approach and your potential company.

Chasing versus cultivating. The sphere of cloud computing’s involvement with the hunt for a great job is populated with two contingents: those who seek to “chase” literal cloud computing positions, and those who opt to “cultivate” a reputation for their own cloud expertise. The former group, the “chasers,” are currently enjoying a bumper crop of positions as consultants and providers of cloud. However, the well of such posts may run dry as the demand for them begins to slow. To best incorporate the cloud into your work life, emulating the “cultivators” — nurturing your reputation as a cloud professional, even at your current workplace — is vital. Doing so positions you at the vanguard of the cloud in your own occupational backyard, a sage move toward solidifying your value and enhancing your cachet.

Earn cloud skills that pay the bills. You will require more than a well-stocked DropBox and regular reading of CloudTweaks (which remains highly recommended, nevertheless) to claim cloud computing proficiency at your workplace. Consider your genius in relevant, related skill sets that can support your protestations of cloud excellence. How smoothly can you cajole your co-workers (heck, even your own family) into taking up the cloud along with you? Can you rattle off the five most essential new cloud applications on demand? Can you demonstrate to your boss how participation in cloud can boost the business, offset risk and encourage reward? And can you serve as a cloud architect, proposing a structure that safely yet profitably involves your company in cloud? Until you can answer such questions with ease, hold back on tooting your cloud computing horn too loudly.

Before you head up to cloud, get grounded. Many employers will grow annoyed with staff or applicants that tout reams of information on cloud computing without a mastery of the business itself. Ground your excellence in cloud know-how with equally specific respect for the industry or enterprise at hand. Going for a position in healthcare, for example? Research the business vein of that hospital or facility, then base what you can offer via the cloud on that information. Tailoring your genius to a particular gig is doubly impresses: it educates and inspires confidence all at once.

By Jeff Norman

About Jeff Norman

Jeff Norman is a freelance writer currently based in New York City. He's moved into writing about cloud computing from substantial work in culture and the arts. He earned his undergraduate degree in English at Stanford and has studied at Oxford and Cambridge.