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How To Get Your Cloud Business Started

How To Get Your Cloud Business Started

New cloud computing opportunities and limitless cloud benefits for all industries lead to a continuously increasing and changing cloud market. In order for new businesses to succeed, they have to come up with business ideas that put them in the user’s top of mind. So, there are some steps to follow in order to get your cloud business started and to make it successful.

Establish your business niche

Even though there are cloud solutions for almost any industry you can think of, more cloud advantages are yet to be discovered. If you are looking for success in the highly competitive market of cloud you need to come up with something brand new. Carefully choose a niche you want to develop for your cloud services. It can be an industry that has not been exploited yet or it can be a revolutionary solution that will definitely improve people’s life or work. Also, it has to be something you have great expertise on, so search for a good team of professionals to get the business started.

Your business niche can be either technological or geographical. If you have a cloud solution that fits a certain geographical region, you have more chances for your business to become successful.

Seek for new opportunities for cloud services

So, you established the niche you want to start your business. Then it’s time to expand your opportunities for cloud services. Because most of the real users of cloud are not cloud professionals, but customers at all IT knowledge levels, try to research for new opportunities to expand your services. Make it possible for your cloud service to be used by IT departments, CEO-s, business users, developers.

Develop a long term social media plan

You had a good cloud business idea and you found ways to reach all kinds of customers. Now, your cloud business should go online. And this should be one of your priorities if you want your business to expand. So, after you established your audience, try to think where you can find them in the online world. Many IT professionals are on Twitter and by using the right hashtags, you can reach the right people or news you are looking for. LinkedIn is another great choice for expanding your professional network and contact people with the same expertise as yours and is also a good opportunity to make your services known and place yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

Don’t forget about writing a blog. It is the best solution to give more details about the services your business is offering or express your opinions about latest trends. These are just some examples of how online networks could help you to develop your business, but there are many other solutions.

Organize/ attend offline events

Conferences and webinars are another solution to interact with cloud professionals and to be in touch with latest new in the industry. Either you attend or organize these kind of events, the online promotion should not be missing and there are plenty of ways you can do this. Live blogging or Twitter updates using the specific hashtag for an event are only some of the ideas.


Credibility is very important in this industry. There is not enough for you to make promises; people want to be sure that you can offer what you promise. Do you have happy customers? Ask them for a testimonial and update it on your website. This will bring new customers interested in your business’ solution.

My final advice is not to make these steps one at a time but try to make them work all at once. You can’t organize or attend events if you are not connected with people in the industry. So it is important and necessary to coordinate all these activities if you want your cloud business to be successful. Now it is time to get your cloud business started!

By Rick Blaisdell/ Ricks Cloud

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