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The Cloud Preview: NVIDIA Flaunts Upcoming Cloud-Based Game Demo

The Cloud Preview: NVIDIA Flaunts Upcoming Cloud-Based Game Demo

It’s been a few weeks since NVIDIA announced their powerful line-up of cloud-hosted GPUs in the context of the shift towards Gaming-As-A-Service paradigm. The core gaming version of the Kepler architecture, the NVIDIA GeForce GRID, is bound to do away with the requirement for conventional consoles in the gaming field. The innovative cloud service hinted at a streamlined gaming experience from smartphones, TVs, tablets and personal computers alike. Critics, however, expressed serious concerns over latency and device power consumption associated with this particular type of cloud-based computational model when deployed for gaming.

NVIDIA has recently responded with a crystal-clear answer—an impressive demonstration of the highly awaited, free-to-play, downloadable game Hawken, powered by the GeForce GRID. The online robot- combat-themed title is set to be released in the coming fall.

The chief executive of NVIDIA, Jen-Hsun Huang, and chief executive of Gaikai (the renowned cloud gaming platform) proudly demoed how an individual playing Hawken on a smart TV could compete against someone with an android-based tablet. The demonstration is absolutely jaw-dropping when you take into account that Hawken is inherently a non-disk-based online game. The demonstration clearly indicates that NVIDIA’s cloud-based technology alleviates the need for dedicated cutting-edge, bit-crunching graphics hardware aimed at delivering a compelling gaming experience.

The demonstrated title was more of a cross between Call of Duty and Mech Warrior. The plot is set in the ruins of a modern city where players can be found engaged in nail-biting gun fights. The visual appeal of the game is unprecedented, particularly for a downloadable first-person shooter. Courtesy of NVIDIA-fueled cloud technology, Hawken is set to reach out to an exceptionally larger audience than it otherwise could ever have done without it.

“What is more fun than a mech first-person shooter?” Huang flaunted.

Having backed League of Legends last year, the investors behind the game, FirstMark Capital and Benchmark Capital, are fairly confident that the project will come off with flying colors. Hawken is under development at Adhesive Games, a small game development team from California. The completed title will be boasted by Meteor Entertainment.

With a lot more in store, cloud-based gaming is bound to redefine the dynamics of electronic leisure. With computational power as gigantic as offered by the NVIDIA GeForce, conventional gaming is facing a bumpy road ahead for sure, unless conventional gaming has similar plans for moving to the cloud (even if it’s only partial). Time will reveal what’s in store.

We leave you the gameplay video itself to feast upon. The demonstration of Hawken starts at about approximately three minutes into the clip.

Link to the video: Demo

By Humayun Shahid

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