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The NVIDIA Game Changer: Cloud-Hosted GPUs And Gaming-As-A-Service

The NVIDIA Game Changer: Cloud-Hosted GPUs And Gaming-As-A-Service

NVIDIA is all buckled up to redefine the dynamics of gaming. The company has spilled the beans over three novel cloud technologies aimed at accelerating the available remote computational power by endorsing the number-crunching potential of its very own (and redesigned) graphical processing units.

At the heart of each of the three technologies lies the latest Kepler GPU architecture, custom-tailored for utility in volumetric datacenters. Through virtualization software, a number of users achieve access through the cutting-edge computational capability of the GPUs.

Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA’s president and CEO, firmly believes that the Kepler cloud GPU technology is bound to take cloud computing to an entirely new level. He advocates that the GPU has become a significant constituent of contemporary computing devices. Digital artists are essentially dependent upon the GPU for conceptualizing their thoughts. Touch devices owe a great deal to the GPU for delivering a streamlined graphical experience.

With the introduction of the cloud GPU, NVIDIA is all set to change the game—literally. NVIDIA’s cloud-based GPU will bring an amazingly pleasant experience to gamers on a hunt to play in an untethered manner from a console or personal computer.

First in line is the NVIDIA VGX platform, an enterprise-level execution of the Kepler cloud technologies, primarily targeting virtualized desktop performance boosts. The company is hopeful that ventures will make use of this particular platform to ensure flawless remote computing and cater to the most computationally starved applications to be streamed directly to a notebook, tablet or any other mobile device variant. Jeff Brown, GM at NVIDIA’s Professional Solutions Group, is reported to have marked the VGX as the starting point for a “new era in desktop virtualization” that promises a cost-effective virtualization solution offering “an experience almost indistinguishable from a full desktop”.

NVIDIA GeForce GRID stands to make its public appearance. The technology is a hardcore gaming realization of the Kepler cloud technology framework. It will mainly be deployed to fuel the computational needs of cloud-based gaming services. NVIDIA is utterly excited about the potential that GeForce GRID has in store for gaming-as-a-service paradigm providers. GeForce GRID eliminates the need for a console in the gaming loop altogether and offers an even better user experience. Phil Eisler, GM of the cloud gaming division at NVIDIA, hints that the GRID could be the next “massive disruption in how games are played and delivered”. The technology offers unblemished access to the best gaming titles without spatio-temporal bounds, and that as well from personal computers, tablets, smartphones and TVs.

The NVIDIA Tesla K10 and K20 GPUs were the last to be revealed. The duo have been described as computing accelerators. The two models have been designed particularly to tackle the most complicated high-performance computing problems prevalent today. Based on the Kepler architecture, the new GPUs are three times as fast as their Fermi-based ancestor. The re-engineered Kepler-based models will help to further institute GPUs into technical and scientific computing.

Way to go NVIDIA! From all the die-hard gamers out there—provided the latency and the device power consumption are within acceptable limits.

By Humayun Shahid

About Humayun

With degrees in Communication Systems Engineering and Signal Processing, Humayun currently works as a lecturer at Pakistan's leading engineering university. The author has an inclination towards incorporating quality user experience design in smartphone and web applications.

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