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Cloud Ahoy! Cisco Style: The Cloud-Connected Solution

Cloud Ahoy! Cisco Style: The Cloud-Connected Solution

Cisco has lived up to its promise – the promise to come up with a dedicated release intrinsically centered around cloud-based products and services. Cisco flaunted the release teaser for the first time at the Cisco Partner Summit held during April. This Tuesday marked the networking giant’s avowal of the said novel, cloud-centric routing modules and service packages under an altogether fresh brand label, the Cisco Cloud-Connected Solution.

A number of fascinating products were revealed Tuesday at the Cisco Live in San Diego event. Amongst the lot was what Cisco refers to as Cloud Connectors – a class of cutting–edge, custom-designed software fused into Cisco’s Integrated Service Router, which is aimed at providing round-the-clock, streamlined access and unparalleled security of cloud-based applications. The Connectors are set to be deployed by Cisco for its Hosted Collaboration Services Architecture, ScanSafe Web security services and the CTERA Cloud Storage facility, which are all available for use on the E-series Cisco UCS platforms.

In addition, Cisco service suppliers and channel collaborators can develop their indigenous cloud connectors by virtue of Cisco’s unlocked framework as a means to modify the ever critical user-experience design.

Cisco demonstrated its novel Cloud Services Router model 1000v – a virtual router for extending Virtual Private Networks via the cloud. On top of that, a fresh ASR router, the 1002-X, presenting up to 36 Gbps of performance, was also revealed. All the above is in addition to the UCS E-series server elements on the ISR G2, designed to extend the offered hosted services towards division and remote offices.

In an effort to optimize the dynamics of cloud application delivery across the network, Cisco is bringing to the table application visibility and control technology (AVC). Cisco believes that adding the said functionality to its Inter Services Routers andASRrouting platforms is guaranteed to improve cloud application delivery. Cisco is also determined to update its physical WAAS and virtual WAN tools with the aid of sophisticated clustering methodologies. This translates to the slightly complicated yet immensely effective scale-as-per-growth operational model (AppNav). AppNav can be obtained as dedicated hardware on Cisco’s Wide Area Virtualization Engine devices or as software add-ons on the Cloud Services Router.

Officials at Cisco pointed out that customer endorsement of cloud-based services needs next-level intelligent routing policies and enhanced WAN accentuation gear.

Praveen Akkiraju, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco’s Services Routing Technology Group, is quoted as saying that the “Cisco Cloud-Connected Solution redefines the WAN architecture with key innovations that leverage network intelligence as a critical link in cloud deployments by putting more functionality into traditional enterprise routing, allowing customers to connect to the cloud with an optimal user experience”.

The Cloud-Connected Solution concentrates upon two core domains of interest for Cisco: firstly, its sprouting cloud-computing strategy which already encompasses (1) Cisco channel associate programs, (2) relevant marketing material and (3) related CloudVerse framework; and, secondly, a significant revamp of numerous crucial Cisco routing lines, specifically the ISRs.

By Humayun Shahid

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With degrees in Communication Systems Engineering and Signal Processing, Humayun currently works as a lecturer at Pakistan's leading engineering university. The author has an inclination towards incorporating quality user experience design in smartphone and web applications.

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