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Cloud Computing: Back When It Was Fun

Cloud Computing: Back When It Was Fun

Technology changes fast around here. Sometimes it is hard even to keep up with the latest technology, never mind the latest trends. What does that mean for you, the person sitting down right this moment and reading this? It means that once done, you’re going to be left with a simple choice: to keep sitting there and let everything pass you by, or to get up and do something to fix it. Oh, and there is plenty to change and do, by the way.

If you’re looking into cloud services, there are many great places out there, and many of them, such as Google and MSN Live, offer these services (with very limited abilities) for free. This gives you a great chance to get a feel and idea of what you are doing and what they can do. Granted you’re going to need a little information from your end to pull all of it together. Are you going to use pay-as-you-go or a metered service? What kind of service do you need; how much space; how much power? I cannot give you answers to those questions; I can only tell you that most places are customizable. This means you should take more than you need at the outset and then scale back if needed. Pretty simple, right? Oh, wait. You have no idea really what I am talking about, so let me explain.

Cloud computing is the technology giant, right now – having other people host your information, from normal data, to programs. Your employees can log into this service center (cloud service) and use the applications, get the data and move that information around as needed. Think of it this way: Your provider became a giant computer, and your computers are just the gateways to logging into that giant computer.

Are you still a bit lost and in need of a little more information? Simple, think about places such as Facebook, or Netflix; these are both simple cloud computing ideas. Facebook has games, and although those games are hosted on other servers, you use Facebook to use them. Netflix offers on-demand videos; you select the video you want to watch, and a moment later you’re watching the latest movie (on-demand cloud computing). Simple idea, right? Yes it is, and because of the ease of use involved, everyone is jumping on board the cloud.

Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Google and a bunch of other companies are all involved in the idea. One of the big reasons it is exploding is because of the talented folks that are doing it. And let’s be honest; there are a ton of folks in just these companies who are industry leaders.

The hype of cloud computing is gone, and the reality is here. The cloud is all about services for you, your business and your employees. Look for the basics: software as a service, platform as a service and infrastructure as a service. Don’t know what those are? You will figure them our rather quickly. Identify what you need – public, private, hybrid or community. Each combination offers a different set of values. The combinations are practically endless.

By Emma Joseph

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