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Cloud Computing Turns Your Projects Into Open Source Experiments

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Open Source Experiments

If you look around the world of software and computer platforms these days, you will notice that many of the most successful computer applications were actually built by a large number of people. Anyone who wants to bring this kind of success to their own business should look into the world of cloud computing. By helping everyone communicate in the cloud, you actually make it easier to make quick changes to projects and improve on some ideas that are already being kicked around.

Although the open-source philosophy is already popular around the world, cloud computing will definitely reach a similar level soon. The main reason that cloud computing is on the rise is that it can dramatically cut down costs. When people can easily access any current project from any location and make changes, it increases the overall productivity of each employee. Instead of waiting until everyone is at the office, it makes sense for everyone to be able to make adjustments at any point during the day.

Cloud computing can also provide easier access for anyone who needs to work on the project. Much like open-source projects, anything that is built in the cloud is going to have a certain amount of input from a large number of different people. The fact of the matter is that the cloud can offer just about as much innovation as open-source projects. Obviously, there will be more people involved with an open-source project, but the same kinds of advantages are seen when you allow all of your employees to access a project at any point during the day.

Open-source applications helped to foster experimentation and new ideas, and that same kind of increased creativity can be applied to your business when you move toward cloud computing. You can easily scrap bad ideas and replace them with new ones that everyone seems to find productive and useful.

There is great excitement over cloud computing right now, and this excitement will obviously die down toward something more reliable. Start thinking about how the cloud can be advantageous for your business. If you did not gain much extra productivity from open source, then perhaps this could be the change that your business needs. Although many people look at this kind of networking for business to be somewhat pointless, you never know what the benefits will be until you make the change.

By Kyle Topey

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