Cloud Worth Billions: Emerging Trends In Cloud Computing Investment

Cloud Worth Billions: Emerging Trends In Cloud Computing Investment

Cloud technology and its associated service market are flourishing with each passing day due to significant contributions from a broad spectrum of vendors. The rate of maturation of this vibrant and promising market is surprisingly fast and is primarily due to the fact that the technological shift towards the cloud itself contains a plethora of opportunities for start-ups and established businesses alike.

The diverse range of inventive solutions for software, platforms and infrastructure is a clear indication that a custom, tailored cloud service is bound to exist in order to meet venture demands that encompasses everything from basic off-site data storage to sophisticated cloud-based numerical processing facilities.

A recent research study by Visiongain establishes that the cloud computing market will reach a value of $37.9 billion by the end of 2012. The analysis further predicts that the budding cloud computing market will steadily continue along the road to expansion over the next five years, particularly in developed countries. The research findings also indicate that more than 30% of worldwide enterprises make use of at least one cloud-based solution. The study scrutinizes the contemporary state of businesses leveraging cloud services to gain returns, optimize operations and chip in with their due share of technical innovation.

The Visiongain author of the report, which is entitled The Cloud Computing Market 2012–2017, elaborated:

The majority of the cloud computing uptake would come from SMB’s [sic] from around the world, which are lacking in solid IT infrastructure and are looking to find new and innovative ways of conducting everyday business with the help of cloud technology offerings. Demand will also come from end users who are looking to incorporate the cloud for everyday needs such as entertainment, storage, etc.

The reports relies on about 180 graphs, charts, tables and other visual aids to augment the understanding of the escalating trends exhibited by the cloud computing market. The study digs deep and provides a detailed, extrapolated five-year insight into the eight submarkets of the parent cloud technology paradigm:

  • software as a service (SaaS),
  • infrastructure as a service (IaaS),
  • platform as a service (PaaS),
  • cloud security,
  • the corporate SaaS cloud market,
  • the mobile corporate SaaS cloud market,
  • the SMB SaaS cloud market, and
  • the mobile SMB SaaS cloud market.

The study takes a step ahead and predicts healthy cloud computing trends in five regional technical markets over the period 2012–2017. The report also sheds light on 26 of the all-time leading ventures operating within the cloud technology market.

The findings present a comprehensive analysis of cloud computing and its significance in the business sector, coupled with a decisive investigation of how companies can efficiently make use of the cloud to best suit their requirements. From the report it can be safely concluded that the ever-rising purview of cloud service endorsement by both large and small scale businesses, as well as by end-users, has led to a skyrocketing demand for cloud computing—a demand that will continue to accentuate for at least five years to come.

By Humayun Shahid

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