SemYOU: Your Office In The Cloud

SemYOU: Your Office In The Cloud

In the increasingly crowded world of SaaS applications for the office, we have a new entrant. The Los Angeles-based semYOU claims to make the experience even better and simpler.

“In less than three minutes, a business can make the whole software infrastructure of semYou available for individual users, teams, projects or the whole company, complete with an administration suite for managing users, groups, rights and licenses, security as well as customization,”  said semYOU CEO Volker Jahns.

Like 37Signals and Zoho, semYOU brings a whole suite of applications covering the whole spectrum of enterprise use. The pay-as-you-go option that spans across the whole product suite is attractive, as you might not use the Project Scheduler or Planner all the time. One of their key selling points is that you can use a large variety of applications from a single interface as you might be managing projects with BaseCamp or Huddle, notes with Evernote, files with Dropbox, etc.

Applications offered

There are around 15 apps in the suite, and they broadly do the following:

  1. Bug tracking and task management
  2. Calendar and Scheduler
  3. Notes, mindmaps, sticky boards and knowledge
  4. Project Timer and SCRUM management
  5. Workspace management
  6. HR tools and absence manager

The apps are built using Microsoft Silverlight technology, so you need to have it installed on all your work machines. Although I have not used the suite yet and cannot comment on the quality of individual apps, the wide variety of applications offered looks pretty good to me.

Initially they launched free versions of their apps, and in less than two years of operation, they have acquired large blue-chip customers such as Walmart, British Airways, Toyota, UBS, NASA and Credit Suisse.

Apart from the applications above, the company offers private cloud servers customized for enterprise requirements. As their CEO says:

“Instead of your being stuck with a rigid system architecture that’s dedicated to specific applications, the new enterprise app idea from semYou is to enable you to use professional apps for each business case, just when you need them.” 

The client list shows the company is growing fast and could become a viable tool for moving smaller office applications to the cloud. Have any of you given the apps a try? Let us know your experiences.

By Balaji Viswanathan

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