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Collaboration as a Service (CaaS) – What The Cloud Can Achieve

Collaboration as a Service (CaaS) 

Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

  • Vince Lombardi (1913-1970), legendary American football coach.

Even less than a century ago, it was individual excellence that mattered over teamwork in almost every field of human endeavor. For example, in science, people like Rutherford, Bohr and Einstein epitomized the importance of the individual. However, today, you would be hard-pressed to name one individual scientist involved in the CERN Large Hadron Collider project that discovered the Higgs boson to worldwide acclaim recently. That’s because it was a true collaboration between scientists across the globe.

Similarly in business, the time for individuals who shaped industries like Rockefeller and Vanderbilt is long gone. While some mavericks like Larry Ellison and Richard Branson do exist and succeed, business and science have long become a team game where the concerted efforts of multiple individuals are required to achieve success. Consider the facts that most science Nobel Prizes awarded nowadays are for joint contributions and almost every major business innovation today relies on collaborative effort. In my opinion, other than literature and individual sports like tennis, the team is more important than the individual. Also, don’t forget the teams of people who make writers and tennis players successful – editors, coaches, etc. In this light, it’s understandable why the ability to work in teams is a desired trait for any individual looking to succeed in business.

Now that we have established the importance of teamwork, let’s look at what teams need to succeed. While individuals with complementary skills are an obvious requirement, it’s equally necessary that they be able to communicate with each other, efficiently and effectively. With organizations spread across the globe, this communication has to necessarily transcend geographical distances. And the best way to achieve this is on the cloud.

This has given rise to the concept of the collaboration cloud, an environment where participants can effectively build, deliver, use and enhance communications using cloud-based technologies. Drawing strong parallels with SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, the three layers of the cloud pyramid, this can be viewed as offering Collaboration as a Service (CaaS).

With the cloud’s ability to be universally accessible from a plethora of devices, it offers a scale of flexibility in collaboration far beyond what is possible with legacy IT. Knowledge-sharing and decision-making – both are considerably faster (and cheaper) on the cloud. As a leader in collaborative solutions, Avaya is leading the way in enabling businesses to leverage the power of the cloud for enhanced collaboration. From emails to phones, from Internet to social media, from chats to videoconferencing, everything’s better on the collaborative cloud.

By Sourya Biswas

This post is on behalf of the CIO Collaboration Network and Avaya.


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