Cloud Email Migration? Beware Of Unintentional Data Spoliation!

Cloud Email Migration In today’s litigious society, preserving your company’s data is a must if you (and your legal team) want to avoid hefty fines for data spoliation. But what about when you move to the cloud? Of course, you’ve…

How Microsoft Can Recover Its #1 Spot

How Microsoft Can Recover Its #1 Spot

Microsoft must do something to retain the top spot it once held. It is widely believed by experts that the company has lost out to its competitors such as Apple and Google. End users are not really very keen on Windows anymore, although businesses still use the operating system. Additionally, Microsoft hasn’t really got any innovative products which merit customer attention. However, in some respects the company is still lording over the productivity and operating system markets. Internet Explorer is still widely used. Also, Microsoft has proven time and time again to be a highly profitable company with a lot of cash. The question, however, is can Microsoft sustain its spot in the future?

It must be noted that although there are external factors that might determine Microsoft’s success or failure, it can combat such factors by coming up with initiatives and products with which to sustain its standing in the future. With the planned launch of Windows 8, end users may like its new design and make the product a success for many years to come. However, if there is no positive response to the product, then Windows may lose its stronghold and give way to other operating systems.

Microsoft has released Surface Tablet, which could compete with the iPad. Windows 8 Pro is integrated with its tablet. If it succeeds in claiming the top spot in the tablet market, then Microsoft is still in the running for the overall top spot in the IT market. However, if it fails, then its mobile division’s future may be bleak. Bing, the company’s search engine pitted against Google Search, had a big update recently. It now has three columns. However, Bing is still far behind the leading search engine. Microsoft must create innovative changes on Bing for it to close the gap to Google Search.

In terms of gaming, its Xbox 360 is now enjoying top sales in the gaming device field in the US. Microsoft is also set to release a new console next year, and with Azure and SkyDrive, the company is inching its way into the cloud computing market. However, it is not actively pursuing the cloud even although experts the future of cloud computing to be very bright. Microsoft also has to deploy a lot of online services in order to sustain or retain its number one spot. It must come up with products providing streaming services, and might also consider expanding SkyDrive.

Microsoft Office has been enjoying the top spot for so many years now. In fact, it is widely used in schools, offices, and even in the home. Although its competitors have released a lot of products to compete with Microsoft Office, it has continued to dominate the market. However, with the cloud computing trend on the rise, it must also penetrate the cloud. The company is not known to adapt quickly to changes. Its competitors continue to produce various products and models to satisfy the market’s needs and wants, whereas Microsoft seems to be taking its sweet time to get ahead of the pack.

By Florence de Borja