Principles of an Effective Cybersecurity Strategy

According to MetricStream’s, ‘The State of Cyber Security in the Financial Services Industry’ report, around 66 percent of financial services institutions have faced at least one cyber-attack in the last 12 months. The cost of this can even result in a complete shutdown of the business."

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Microsoft Office In A Cloud

Microsoft Office In A Cloud

Everyone from students to screenwriters use Microsoft Office. It is probably the only thing that both Apple and PC users can both love and not argue over.

Last Monday, Microsoft announced Office 13. Microsoft has already began to boast about the features in the new edition of their money-spinner and it involves the cloud. John Jendrezak, Microsoft Partner Group programme manager, has announced on the Office Next blog that the updated Office software will be able to save documents to Microsoft’s cloud computing storage service Skydrive. Once the document is uploaded into Skydrive the file can be accessed from phones, tablets or Window’s 8 PCs.

Jendrezak said: “With the capabilities that we’ve built into our roaming settings service, we’re able to create new settings that will roam with you across any connected device. For example, Word and PowerPoint make it easy to get right back into your work by remembering where you left off in each document or presentation. These features extend to your mobile device as well. For example, your Windows Phone will show your recent files for one-touch access while you are on the go.”

But what for Apple users? Does Microsoft’s rival to Dropbox and Google Drive work on a Mac? Yes. Microsoft has made a very smart move to take on it’s arch rival Google and Skydrive works with Apple OSX. It also works for the Xbox 360.

You will also be able to share documents with almost any device that includes a web browser. This is brilliant for people who work in film. Scripts are constantly redrafted and schedules are subject to the whims of weather and sod’s law.

“We’re also delivering the SkyDrive app with the next version of Office, so you’ll also have all your cloud documents-as well as your photos, notes, and videos – available on your hard drive,” Jendrezak said.

For busy professionals on the go Jendrezak also says “If you’re on the go away from your PC and want access to your Office, subscribers can take advantage of Office on Demand, a new way to quickly deliver full Office applications to a PC within seconds,” Jendrezak said.

“Office on Demand streams and launches a temporary copy of your personalized office application without installing it permanently, and when you close the application, it and the files you were working on are gone.”

Users will also be able to post their projects to social networks like Facebook or email them to a colleague through the share dashboard.

By Catherine Balavage