Playing Catch-Up With The Big Boys

Playing Catch-Up With The Big Boys

Microsoft dipped into their pockets a few days ago and shelled out $1.2 billion to purchase the social network Yammer. IBM has set the benchmark by merging cloud computing with social networking. It’s an interesting mix of work and play at the same time. It’s a nice idea, but for one of the world’s biggest companies, they are really lagging behind the other cloud computing giants out there.

It is projected that in the next decade the developing and sharing of information through cloud computing technology is going to greatly increase. Cloud computing may even become the backbone of how business is done. From getting your job done, to getting a birthday party arranged, doing this all online has become common place. But now the technology is expanding, and is moving toward your smartphone.

Amazon has recently released Cloud Player for iPhone and iPod touch. You can download music from a stored source (a cloud source) into this app to create playlists.

How does all this tie in? The more cloud technology expands, the more it expands to take on (or over, depending how you want to look at it) every facet of our lives. From work to play, we will be connected to a cloud in some way shape or form. What further expansions are there? It is really limitless.

Why small is a great way to start

Zip Cloud is not new, but they have cornered their market for what they do. What they do is great for a single person or a family looking to store files. But it does not stop there; you can sync up multiple devices, connect by your smartphone and share the files between people with unlimited storage. It is a nice combination between being great for personal use and a bit of an insight for someone trying to learn a bit about how they could use cloud computing for business use. Storage and backup are key components to cloud computing.

Steady Cloud is a great upgrade for a small business to get their feet wet in the cloud computing field. Private servers and a full-on, virtual office; easy to understand and not overwhelming to navigate and use. Picking the right solutions can be hard, and picking one that works as hard as you do can be tougher. Steady Cloud is an entry-level company for small business.

Putting it all together

Cloud computing has moved from the Internet to the smartphone. You’re now able to do your computing from anywhere, and no longer even have to be tethered to your laptop (you can tether your phone to your laptop, but that is a different story) 100% on the go. From social cloud connections to work cloud connections, your smartphone is going to be the next step to cloud computing.

When Microsoft bought Yammer, they opened the door for what is going to be the next big step in cloud computing. Social Cloud computing is going to be big, but how cloud computing is moving to your smartphone is where the next big leap is going to be.

By Emma Joseph