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ScreenerONE: The Latest Cloud For Film

ScreenerONE: The Latest Cloud For Film

Film, like every other business, has to constantly adapt or die. Filmmakers are constantly on the lookout for the latest technology to make things cheaper and easier. Last week I wrote about Ultraviolet and this week it’s Arvato’s platform for cloud computing: ScreenerONE

Arvato, one of the world’s biggest media and communications companies, showed ScreenerONE at The National Association of Broadcasters, which is the largest trade show of it’s kind in the world, in April of this year.

ScreenerONE is a cloud-based content platform. Like most cloud-based platforms it allows collaboration between different people and companies. Arvato showed the features of the new platform along with Microsoft as it uses Microsoft Windows Azure Media Services.

ScreenerONE allows all video, sound, music, storyboards, photos, documents and scripts to be uploaded and edited from anywhere else in the world. The benefits of this are obvious. In the global village of the film industry people from London to Los Angeles, to Canada and Romania constantly have to be in contact with each other and have to collaborate. The ability to do this has vastly improved and reduced costs in the entertainment industry. It also saves time. People no longer have to post things to each other, that also saves money. It also removes the risk of things going missing. The importance of which can not be undervalued.

So who is using it? Well, interestingly it turns out that all daytime drama TV shows in Germany are already being produced using Arvato’s digital distribution services. Daytime TV drama producer Grundy UFA have said that they have made ‘significant’ savings, have increased productivity and that the quality of their work has also improved.

The new version of ScreenerOne can also be used on an iPad now. This is essential as they are ubiquitous in the entertainment industry. The updated user interface also allows direct access to archived content in the cloud and storage systems, you can also put all of the content straight into the editing software. Anyone who has spent hours trying to upload software into their editing software via their computer will rejoice at this. It really isn’t the most fun way to spend your time.

Arvato has chosen Signiant’s technology for its ScreenerOne service. Christian Horz, V.P. of media technology and business development for Arvato said:

“Signiant’s technology was the ideal choice to provide the digital content exchange components of ScreenerONE.

ScreenerONE is fulfilling its promise for our global media customers by eliminating the need for time-consuming creation and costly distribution of physical media. The result is faster turnaround for screenings, reviews, and approvals using a service that enables a mobile work style and reduces time to market.”

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By Catherine Balavage

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