Traditional Networks Vs The Cloud

Traditional Networks Vs The Cloud

The Question

We all know that cloud computing is the next frontier in business computing and service delivery, but what really differentiates it from the traditional networks and hosting? Cloud computing does not really use new technology, in fact it uses the same technology as in traditional networking. So how is it so ground-breakingly different than the old way?  Let us explore that comparison.

The main difference in cloud computing and traditional networking or hosting is the execution, and in one word that is “virtualization”. Virtualization allows for massive scalability, giving clients virtually unlimited resources.












In a traditional networking setup, the server is fixed in hardware and if you want to scale up to more users than the current hardware can support, you would have to spend more money for upgrades and there would still be a limit. But with the cloud computing infrastructure, multiple servers are already in place at the get go. They then use virtualization to provide only the resources that a specific user needs which gives it great scalability from the very tiny need in resources of personal businesses to massive corporate resource needs, a cloud provider is able to scale resources without problems and the client will only need to pay for what they use. In traditional networking you need pay for everything, the hardware plus the installation and maintenance, or even just rent it for a monthly fixed price, even if you only need a little bit of resource.


It is apparent that cloud computing gains the upper hand in this comparison especially when price is involved. Every move with the traditional network setup will involve some form of installation like laying out wires and installing the necessary software into each workstation. But with a cloud solution, all you need is a browser in each workstation and the work is ready to go as long as there is an internet connection. Employees can even opt to work from home remotely or somewhere else. This helps the organization to save resources such as electricity which the employee would be using when at the office.

By Abdul Salam

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