Advantages Of Cloud Based Applications For Small Business

Advantages Of Cloud Based Applications For Small Business

Improving SMEs operations in the most cost-effective manner possible is a major concern for managers and owners. The main reasons for which small business owners implement cloud based applications are: cost-effectiveness, ease of implementation, and the lower cost of purchase.


For most small businesses’ managers, saving money is the most important benefit of cloud-computing applications. And this is mainly because in the past, cost was one of the major difficulties for small businesses seeking to build and manage the hardware and software platforms effectively within their budgets. Today, start-ups costs are minimized because there is no software or hardware to purchase. SaaS providers generally price applications using a monthly or annual subscription, so now, the expenses are predictable. The costs for regular updates and upgrades are supported by the service providers.


Cloud based applications can be accessed by using an Internet connection. Applications are usually installed on a server which is accessible 24×7. This is the ideal solution for people who are always on the move or those working from home or other locations outside their business. Customers and clients can also access online services offered by the business, such as online appointment-scheduling or making payment.

This also enables team collaboration. Web-based documents can be accessed by multiple people at the same time, and even work collaboratively and see each other’s changes instantly.

Ease of Set-up and Use

Cloud applications don’t need to be installed, downloaded or upgraded. Applications are easy to learn and utilize and many of them are available for free trial to see whether it fits for a certain small business or not. Cloud-based software service providers can also tailor their products to the very specific needs of their small business client.

Scalablity is also an advantage in a cloud environment. As the business grows, additional resources are added in the environment to support the businesses growth. In a SaaS relationship, businesses pay more when they need more and pay less when they need less.

By Rick Blaisdell / RicksCloud

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