Giving Up Control: Putting Everything In The Cloud

Giving Up Control: Putting Everything In The Cloud

Steve Wozniak is not an ordinary tech user. Probably, he may not be the best in the world, but he a pretty good idea of tech matter, something most of know from the success of Apple Inc. However, Steve Wozniak is not slow in allaying his fears regarding what he terms of ‘loss of control’, originating from over-reliance on cloud computing. Most of the fears are based on the projected trajectory in the usage of cloud computing in both personal and business aspects. With everything channeled towards the cloud, it becomes impossible to own anything at all, since most of the digital life is signed away to the service providers.

These sentiments are much like what Larry Page of Oracle voiced a while ago. And you will be interested in knowing that he has had a complete change of heart and is actually steering Oracle towards provision of cloud computing services. The concerns by Steve were based on the stability and reliability of the cloud, considering the outsourcing components in the whole arrangement.

First of all, organizations and individuals have to understand that cloud computing is a specific form of outsourcing, where only infrastructure is availed. Operations and recovery procedures are firmly planted on the shoulders of the specific clients, making it necessary for extensive precautions to be put in place, just in case. Disaster recovery procedures are an important component of every cloud computing arrangement, and is best handled in-house through back ups.

It is important to note at this point that migrating to the cloud was pivoted on access to improved agility and productivity. The most common casualty in this search is some element of control in operations, although the industry does provide mitigating measures to enhance the level of control. Such measures include the use of private cloud services, open source cloud computing and the utilization of a multiplicity of open source and PaaS services.

The concerns of an organization should always focus on improvement of service delivery without compromises to the safety of the organizations, in the worst case scenario. As we move into the cloud and relinquish most elements of control, it is imperative for individuals and business to ensure that the compromises made are worthwhile.

By Rick Watson

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