How You Can Take Advantage Of The Cloud

How You Can Take Advantage Of The Cloud

IT leaders have accepted the fact that cloud computing is here to stay. Thus, they are agreeable to the idea of moving their operations to the cloud. For cloud computing implementations to be successful, IT and business must be able to collaborate and communicate. According to James Staten of Forrester Research, Chief Information Officers of corporations are the key personnel for the success of cloud services. In Forrester Research’s survey, more and more corporate IT leaders are turning to Software-as-a-Service.

However, these leaders view cloud computing services as second-rate to their own internal applications. This is not true. Businesses and organizations which have direct experience with cloud computing services have reported that these applications are able to deliver, provide ultimate security, scalability, cost efficiency, and performance as compared to traditional IT deployments. However, for this to be true, these organizations and businesses must be able to accept direct responsibility with regards to the service configurations in order to achieve the above objective.

In order for cloud computing to be successful, IT leaders must be able to obtain hands-on experience with cloud computing. These people must first have a direct experience and let their staff learn cloud computing before they can admonish them for their shortcoming. It is best to assign a group to study various public cloud platforms to learn the cloud’s capabilities. Also, IT leaders are afraid of shifting to the cloud because their companies belong to industries which are highly regulated. Because of this, cloud computing services do not satisfy some compliance requirements. However, if they will only look inside their companies, they’ll realize that there are certain applications that they’re using which also do not comply with the standards. It is best to learn cloud computing so that these IT leaders learn how to place compliant applications to the cloud computing platforms. By doing so, they can also think of ways to solve probable security and risk issues.

IT leaders can argue that they can implement internal applications at a less costly manner. However, cloud computing services do have other important improvements which can help a business. For one, cloud solutions do provider greater agility than any internal applications. Cloud computing services are highly automated. The Chief Information Officer of a company can control the cloud solutions and is given autonomous access. However, before the CIO can do it, he must be able to understand cloud computing fundamentals. It is best to learn from the experiences of those who built private clouds. It is also possible to build one’s own cloud or tap the services of a provider which can offer private cloud solutions.

Although there is too much hype about cloud computing, it is best to know which ones are offering real cloud computing solutions. There are a lot of companies which offer traditional hosting, application outsourcing, and virtualization and advertise such to be cloud computing solutions. IT leaders must be able to determine which of these numerous suppliers do offer cloud computing benefits. In general, a cloud computing provider offers cloud economics, economies of scale, highly automated services, and self-service applications. A cloud computing service is a standard service and is deployed to every customer without any major customization.

By Florence de Borja


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