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SoundCloud, But Better

SoundCloud, But Better

SoundCloud has announced a redesign. The social sound platform’s new design will be available immediately but only through via private beta invites. Ho hum. It will go out to everyone else in the coming months.

SoundCloud launched in 2008 and wants to make sharing sound as easy as sharing photos and videos on the internet. A niche that just may make their business one of the next big things.

This is how SoundCloud describe themselves: Capture a voice, moment or music in seconds or upload audio you’ve already created. I use SoundCloud for my online magazine and so does my music writer, Alex. There is a free version and a premium version. The cheapest premium version is €9.00 per month and the most expensive is €59.00.

My favourite thing about SoundCloud is that DropBox which can be embedded into any site. It looks quite cool too.

Alexander Ljung, founder & CEO said: “Over the past few years we’ve been championing the need to unmute the web and have signed up over 15 million sound creators in the process. Today we are pushing further towards that goal by launching a private beta of the Next SoundCloud, which delivers a simpler, faster, more social sound platform to help everyone appreciate sound more.”

Eric Wahlforss, who is the founder and CTO, also said that the next version of SoundCloud “has been re-engineered from the inside out”.

Wahlforss continued “It’s much more than an aesthetic change. By making use of state of the art technologies available in the latest generation browsers, we’ve created a technology platform that enables us to provide a much better user experience and develop new features faster.”

So what about the users? Well, pre-update it is pretty easy to use. It is actually such a brilliant idea that I am surprised no one has done it before, and that is the sign of a good idea.

To find what you are looking for just enter a genre, sound or band, and you will have a wealth of choice in a nanosecond. Then when you choose something it is streamed directly into your chosen device. When you find an artist you like you have an option to follow them and receive real-time updates and their latest track. You can then share any favourites on Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr or Twitter. You can also record your own sounds or music and send them along to whoever you like.

You can download the free SoundCloud app on iTunes. Sign up for a private beta invite here:

By Catherine Balavage