Part 1 – How Cloud Apps Are Making Businesses More (and Less) Secure

Cloud Apps Security Today, more than ever before, employees are working while on-the-go. The ease with which a worker can enjoy a coffee-café latte in one hand and click “send” with the other is made possible by the explosion of…

Storm In The Cloud: Is There An End

Storm In The Cloud: Is There An End

Cloud computing has taken the business and social world by storm, and now the storm seems to be coming back to haunt. Cloud computing has enabled business across the globe to construct infrastructures without the ever-present challenges. Over the past one month, tech experts and avid users of cloud computing have had hypothetical and actual experiences with the disadvantages originating from use of cloud computing. Concerns raised by Steve Ballmer of Microsoft and Steve Wozniak of Apple have however dampened all hopes of perpetual benefits from the cloud.

The big questions exist in whether it is possible to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing without exposure to commensurate costs and risks. As a novel approach to computing, a lot of ground has to be covered before solutions to fix all challenges are found. As a result, a number of individuals are quite aware of the challenges of new technologies and expect such hindrances to be overtaken by time. However, a different school of thought points towards a scenario where the advancements in technology ultimately become the sources of downfall.

It is thus in order for a business or user of such services to get a clear understanding of the benefits and risks associated with cloud computing before investing resources and hope in the facility as yet. Although the earliest bird catches the bird, it is possible that the earliest worm gets caught as well. Eventually, everyone will be swallowed by the cloud, since it will be impossible to exist in the world unless you are synchronized with the rest of the computer users.

Although the synchronization entails relinquishing of control to the service providers, each individual and business will be facing the same catalogue of challenges. Eventually, fears will be allayed through the provision of private and public cloud services, offering some form of relieve. Meanwhile, the most important thing for organizations seeking to achieve objectives ought to take every precaution to ensure that this strategic imperative does not contribute to the inability to achieve the very objectives they sought to.

By Rick Watson


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